the repetitive dream

hqdefaultWatched the movie ‘Jab we met’? Seen Kareena running on the railway platform trying to catch her train…
Now picture me (in the place of Kareena) and trying to catch my train with a bag behind my back as its leaving the platform…and I miss it!! damn!!
…now that’s the dream I’ve been getting 3 nights on a trot. What could that mean? Hmmm, it doesn’t help that I have waiting list tickets… 😀

Not the greatest dream to have when I have to catch 6 trains during my 10 day holiday trip. I can only imagine the scene fx503d1dccif that really happens!!

5 thoughts on “the repetitive dream

  1. Ohh God!!
    Trip coming up and such dreams only mean your thinking too much about your trips and you doze off while thinking. Hence, the smart sub concious mind makes you dream this 😛

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