Music n Me

When your playlist strikes all the right chords, your body can go on a physiological joyride. Your heart rate on_computer_listening_to_musicincreases. Your pupils dilate. Your body temperature rises. Blood redirects to your legs. Your cerebellum—mission control for body movement—becomes more active. Your brain flushes with dopamine and a tingly chill whisks down your back.

Music affects our brains the same way that sex, gambling, and potato chips do [not tried sex] (as yet) or gambling…so wouldn’t know about that 😀 Potato chips… like seriously!?  ~~ the Internet says so 😉


Ever had your browser look like this? many tabs open at the same time…? I guess we have all done it some time or the other.
Well for me today, as I logged into YouTube to play a particular song, seeing the suggestions on the right side of other similar genre, one song led to another…and suddenly a lot of tabs were open. I’m in one of my listen-n-connect to a song moods. Yes, I’m thinking of someone, and its causing a flood of memories…but then as they say, “you can’t change the past, but you can always do better today and have a brighter tomorrow”
I love listening to English slow music, be it love ballads or instrumental… It takes me to a different place all together…and if heard through the headphones…that’s it…I maybe physically present, but mentally and emotionally I’m far far away.

What effect does Music have on you…?

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  1. I doze off! seriously? after a tiring day, a smooth soft music is enough to work as a lullaby for you! Though I may be offendin some music lovers right now, but hey, this is what music does to me! can’t help!

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