Introducing ‘My Family’

Welcome to the Paes Family, where happiness flows from the names of the members itself. The Head of the family, Joy (dad)…brings a lot of joy and warmth into the family, the Heart of our home, Gladys (mom)…brings smiles in times of adversity, gladness in the family and the people she meets. Vanessa (my sister) her name means ‘a butterfly’ probably one of nature’s prettiest & colorful insect and myself…what do I say, I have an Italian name… ‘Savio’ and I am so proud of it, my name in Italian means Clever & Bright…those qualities rarely shown in India, I would need to go to Italy for that 😀

sis and dadWe play our roles to perfection…okay mum and dad do that, we try 😉 there have been no additions so far (really surprises me at times). People say we look similar and often find people asking us “Are you Savio’s sister” or “You must be Joy’s daughter” they say they find the similarity in the ‘face-cut’ Okay! As you say so…

At home we refer to each other by special names based on what each one loves doing, for example;

Dad would be “the collector”. He likes collecting things, from carbon papers (how ancient is that), newspaper articles, magazines or even plastic bags from the big shops and malls (says it can be used even 10/15 years down the line… I mean come on, we’ll collect more bags over time…why keep the old ones?) but then that’s dad.

Mom… “the shredder” and keep-everything-in-boxes person. Oh yes, mom…totally box sav n momperson. She’s got like all kinds and shapes of boxes, from documents, jewelry, books to coins…she’s got a box for everything. She is by far the neatest person at home in terms of keeping everything in its place. Anything that cannot be found at home, we’d all turn to mom and say ‘she must have put it into the box’. Shredder, coz she likes cutting papers into smaller pieces, she just likes it. No further discussions 🙂

Sister… “the recipe seeker”. From channels like FOOD FOOD and Khana Khazana to youtube recipe videos, she’s always searching for some recipe or the other. She does try cooking them, but definitely not proportional to the no of recipes she views. I would say she is a ‘good cook’ in the making. How long that will take is anybody’s guess.

Myself… “the cleaner” “the shifter”. My cleaning and shifting qualities directly come down from my mom, when she was younger she did the same. I can’t see the place dirty… a few pillows here and there is fine…but more than that..i’ll clean. If you see things move around in the house… like sofa’s, chairs, tables… you know who is behind that. If I can’t change the entire setting, I will change something small enough to give the room the different look even it means changing the position of the clock…lol

So that’s my crazy yet adorable family, we pray, we laugh, we fight, we smile and say our sorries and carry on.

When Mother Mary visited us at Home

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  1. I loved this post of yours! 🙂 Nice to meet the paes family!

    1. U are most welcome to dine with us too 🙂

  2. I will! Now you gave me the invitation and am a shameless chap! So definitely when bam planning to come to goa, you have to take me home! 😉

    1. hahahaha 🙂 sure sure… I’ll put out flags from my balcony for your arrival 😉

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