Please spare time to listen to this song….

How many times have we found people complain about the things they don’t have, but have we ever looked back or around us and seen what we DO HAVE…and that itself is a blessing.
The family we live with…
The friends we have to share our stories with…
The food we eat…
The house we live in…
The air we breathe…
…the fact that you are alive, hale and hearty while someone somewhere else might be struggling between life and death

We have a lot to thank the Lord for…if we only pause and see the wondrous things HE has provided and continues to provide us at every step of the way. We may tend to overlook the small graces that the Lord blesses us with, its only when our bigger prayers are heard, its then we go and thank HIM.

Why not do it everyday? every hour? every minute?…I really don’t think its much to do, in return for what GOD does for us 🙂

For all the wonderful friends I’ve met here on this site, ‘YOU’ all are part of God’s very special blessings in my life 🙂

Are you counting your blessings?


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