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Among many things I love doing, one of them is definitely reading. If you want a fun read, a book naughty-men-275x275-imadaf2vmaymeqa9that you could finish in an hour or two..catch hold of this one, More than passing away your time doing nothing, this book will certainly bring a smile on your face by the time you have finished it.
It’s called ‘Naughty Men’… I’ll tell you a secret, I bought it solely looking at the picture 😛

Found this review I wrote for the same, sometime ago, sharing it will all those who love to read an entertaining book. Not very high in terms of language, a simple pleasant read…a simple story that maybe some guys would associate with and a guaranteed laugh to the girls 🙂


Naughty Men by Siddharth Narayan

Personal Feedback: This book is definitely right up there as a ‘good-feel-factor’ book. Beautifully written, loved the flow – and moreover a book that will have you in fits of laughter all the way through. I read this book in 3 hours flat, it’s a book you would not want to put down-till you have finished the entire story. From scenes of the Nunu, the Narayan Swamy episodes to the lines of Rajnikant conversations, loved it all.

A strong recommendation to all book lovers, to grab your copy of ‘Naughty Men’. It is a highly addictive story, and somewhere down the line, guys of all ages will relate to this book. The ladies will equally enjoy the book. Am lucky enough to have spotted this book on the middle shelf of a book store in Bangalore, immediately bought it and finished it off in no time.

There are a few parts that will have you in almost uncontrollable laughter, one such are the conversations with Karan and the ‘Baby Detective Agency’ and Baby Sir. Would not want to divulge much on the story. Just go ahead and have a read, and I am sure this is one book you will not have regrets on purchase.

Good Language, great story line and moreover the purpose of Siddharth entertaining his readers through his book – FULFILLED! Way to go bro! Great piece of work.

About the Author Siddharth : He lives and works in Bangalore. Naughty Men is his first book, and going by his success we hope to see many many more books from him.

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