“…the moment she walked inside the room I felt a strange connection, I looked towards the door, it was not that I knew her, it was only my first day in the city and besides I was standing in a room with people I had never met before. It was the inaugural party for Fetch Profits, they had recently started operations in Hyderabad, and I had been transferred from Mumbai to Hyderabad to help them out with the office setup and other official matters. Not being a big fan of office parties, socializing or drinking, I was found standing in one corner of the room, sipping on my glass of coke which I was holding in my hand for the last 10 minutes. There was loud music, people chatting (I wondered if they could even hear each other) others drinking like fish at the bar…and myself, well I was watching the commotion going on, until…

She walked up to me, extended her right hand and introduced herself. “Hi, I’m Anjali, Manager Operations Hyderabad, you must be Sameer Ahuja from Pune. I shook her hand, it was the softest pair of hands to touch. I smiled and said yes, I am. She continued, “It is so good to finally meet you Sameer, I’ve…..errr…. We’ve heard so much about you, Good to have you on our team”

Now it’s not every day you have a confident…well hot and sexy woman, ignoring everyone else and walking straight up to you to shake your hand. It seemed, from that moment everything changed for me, it was as if a heavy stone was lifted up from my heart, that I was carrying for so many years, It felt all so light, the music got suddenly softer, I could hear people whispering and as if the party had certainly woken up to a new life, with Anjali and myself as the centers of attraction. We talked all through the night, sitting out by the courtyard. She insisted that I have the view of the sky by moonlight, it was one of the best she said she’d seen ever since she moved back, with the moon glowing dimly over the city skies, overlooking the calm waters, it certainly was a beautiful night, nothing like of which could be witnessed in the polluted skies back in Mumbai. As the party came to a gradual end, Anjali and I were one of the few last ones to leave. It was already early morning, Sameer wished this night would never end. Anjali too, was enjoying herself in Sameer’s company, they seemed to get along very well. It was only just before dawn that Anjali dropped Sameer to the doorsteps of the row house villa that he was provided by the company. “Thank you for the wonderful company Sameer” as he gave her a goodbye hug. It was already Sunday, the only holiday of the week. Before leaving Sameer said “See you on Monday Anjali” as she flashed one of her biggest smiles of the night and waved him a bye, she got into her car and drove off.


It is the start of a new week, a new place and hopefully a new chapter in my life, Sameer said to himself as the lift door opened to the 3rd floor in the Administration block. He was to report to the Manager of Operations, which was the first door he saw just opposite the lift, the name plate on the door which read Operations. He was on the right floor and in front of the correct door. He had a smile on his face as he knocked gently, he heard a “Come in” from the other side. There was an elderly gentleman sitting across a fairly large table, his table name plate read Mr. Suraj Mishra, Designation Manager-Operations. He was confused for a moment. Without blinking an eyelid, he said “Sir, I was told to be reporting to a Ms. Anjali Kashyap for Operations”

Mr. Mishra looked up at me and said,

“Yes, Saturday was her last working day with us…she has handed over charge to me with effect this week, Please have a seat”