A couple of minutes

“Don’t know why you came and left in a hurry from my life, but we were meant to meet. To know… To give a piece of each other… to each other”

He remembered the last words she had said before she went away “Thank you for the wonderful company Sameer”… as he lay on his bed at the end of what seemed a never ending day at Fetch Profits – Hyderabad. A day which started with anticipation ended with a whole lot of disappointment. It was anyways too good to be true, Sameer consoled himself as he drifted off to sleep.

As days passed, he felt alone without her. Not that he wasn’t used to staying alone, yet this time the feeling was different. He often wondered why? They were together just for a few hours, did those few hours make such an impact on him, that he was acting so weird?

Sameer reached home at 6, an hour earlier than normal. After a cold shower, he went to the kitchen to cook up himself a nice meal only to realize that he had run out of things to cook… “NOT AGAIN!!” He put on a t-shirt, pulled out a pair of shorts from his cupboard and set out for some grocery shopping, he was thankful there was a supermarket just down the road and that he did not have to walk too far.

He reached the supermarket, took out the little paper from his pocket which had a list of all that he required as he went about ticking all the items he needed, one-by-one. It didn’t take long to find what he needed, he was down to the final one…a couple of packets of Maggi Chicken Noodle Soup Mix, just as he stretched his hand to pick the soup packets from the shelf, he heard a voice from behind “I guess we’ll need more than just a couple of soup packets for dinner today Sameer”, he turned around to find Anjali behind with a big smile on her face.

“Nice shorts Sameer” she winked. I looked down…okay! I might have picked up the home shorts instead of the supermarket shorts.

“Anjali…?  I smiled, in the process dropping a few Maggi packets off the shelf.

“Let me help you with that…” as she picked up the packets and placed them back on the shelf. She continued “I hope you are inviting me for dinner, looks like you are done with your shopping list”

“Oh yes, surely…why not”

(Sameer notices a little girl running from a distance towards Anjali, tapping on her bag saying “I want that chocolate over there pointing to the shelf at the corner”

“go and get it honey” she looked towards Sameer “that is Kritika” as Sameer kept looking at the little girl who happily went running back to get her chocolate

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  1. Sorry, but is it complete? I’d love to read more if it has more.

    1. oh no! far from complete… 😛

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