Day 1 – The journey (half way)

So I am in Hubli finally, have been here since 12.15 in the afternoon. I have to waste time doing something till I catch my next train which leaves Hubli only at 23.00. Its 4.00 in the evening now….and I am at the Cyber Cafe…on WordPress 🙂 yes I miss you all already 🙁

Wait…I’ll tell you about my journey…no wait…I’ll begin with yesterday night. I went off to sleep at 12 midnight, I was packing last minute as usual, well I always do…from finding my mobile chargers, to charging my camera batteries, all happening between 2 crazy hours 10 & 12. I went to sleep only at 12.30, but really did not get a wink of sleep. Maybe it was those dreams I got of missing my train that helped me stay awake…I awoke at 1.30, 3.00, 4.30 and finally at 5.30…but that’s okay I guess, it not everyday that I am awake at nights, I am a sound sleeper otherwise.

My train arrived surprisingly on time, actually before time, my ticket said departure 7.50, the train left from Platform 3 at 7.40. Vasco to Howrah was the train I was on, it felt like a passenger train, but surprisingly reached Hubli Junction 5 minutes earlier. The one time I did wish the train reach late to the destination…and what happens? It reaches 5 minutes earlier. Unpredictability of the Indian Railways.

Now for the people around me…lets start with the youngest person around me. There are some people who have the most voracious appetite, well this boy sitting diagonally opposite me, around 23 it seemed from his face…maybe younger.

7.40 train leaves the platform (Madgaon -Starting point), I see him munching biscuits, 8.15 thereabouts a packet of lays, 9.00…Bhel puri…9.30 upma. It was 10.15 on my watch, he’s eating idli, vada with chutni…Good Lord! He has some appetite. It was still a good 2 hours to reach Hubli where I get down and in all this while I have eaten just one bread accompanied with half a bottle of water.

10.20; reached LONDA station, hawkers are seling Dharwad Pedha, supposed to be really really good, but then I thought Dharwad is the next station…why are they selling it one station before. Yes, stupid questions come to my head too sometimes. Anyways when Dharwad station did come, the train halted for less than 2 minutes…not enough time to purchase a box. I shall do it on my way back to Goa, I hope I remember 🙂

10.31…good news, 2 pretty girls have come to sit in our coach, everybody looked at them, I did too, just a passing glance and guess what they were speaking in English, atleast now the 2 hours would pass faster I thought. Meanwhile the boy is no where to be seen, he suddenly disappeared after eating his idli-vada meal. I am sure he was eating a vada pao somewhere, I saw the vada-pao hawker pass by.

Oh No! the girls left. I heard one say to the other “lets go sit there, at least we’ll be close to her” damn! Only 6 minutes… with nothing much to look forward to, I went off to sleep till we reached Hubli station where I was awoken by my fellow passenger who knew I was getting down at the same station as he was.

It seemed I was in a senior citizens coach, baring a few young children (too young for me) to initiate conversation, I was left to looking out of the window, sipping my water and eating my bread.

I still have my connecting train to Bangalore from Hubli….tho’ its sleeping time (23.00), it would be good to know I am around young people. Don’t know if they’ll wanna talk at that time tho’ 😛

Today is dads birthday and I’m not at home, its the first time I won’t be there sharing his day with him…but my dad is very sweet, I know he understands. I wished him in the morning before leaving…I know he’s happy coz I am happy doing something I love, which is travelling 🙂

To dad 🙂

“I’ll miss celebrating the day with you pops but then you know you are always there with me in my prayers”

sav 🙂

I know he’ll read this, because my sister has subscribed to my blog and she gets the update and she will surely show it to dad…she doesn’t need a second invitation 🙂

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