HUBLI 12.15 – 23.00

Day 01:

I’ll start with a question…

Q. What do passengers normally do first when they get down from the train onto the platform?

I’ll answer that 😛

A. Most people go to the loo/toilet…yes they have toilets in the train but then u know the platform toilets will be cleaner…so people hold their pee a wee bit longer and run to the nearest toilet at the station and relieve themselves.

Another thing… never understood why people have to ‘pay to pee’, I think its unfair. The government can look after the maintenance of the toilets atleast…what will they do will all the 1 and 2 rupees they get…!!??

At Hubli station, you don’t need to pay, you have waiting rooms (A/c) I was mighty surprised…you just enter the loo, do your job and come out. Forgot to mention, Hubli station is impressive, I liked what I saw, not exceptional but good, lots of scope for further improvements. That was one thing I was looking forward too and I wasn’t disappointed.

With so much time on my hands in Hubli, I decided to take it easy…so went to the restaurant and had my lunch slowly, well the rice was salt-less…no probs! I ate it…small sacrifice 🙂 After that I decided I’ll go and see around Hubli…so walking out of the station an auto driver came up to me and asked if i wanted to go anywhere…I did want to see around but did not know what…so I asked him to show me a few places…so for the next few hours, the auto was my vehicle and the driver was my guide.

Went to a famous garden (really huge one) ontop of a hill or something coz the auto had lots to climb. It was wonderful, awesome and yes as expected lots of couples ‘coochie cooing’ with each other. It brought a smile to my face. I noted the place, so when I have my significant other, lover, girlfriend or wife level, I will get her here. Visited a church too, St Joesph’s, awesome church, could not go inside coz it was closed but did go to the blessed sacrament and prayed for dad specially, celebrating his birthday today, mom, sis and the driver who was kind enough to show me around a few place in Hubli as I went around click click to what he showed me on the way. (Pics I will update later). He took me to a mall too… he said it was Hubli’s biggest… well lets keep it to that…Some Oasis mall or something.

I finished with him by 4.00 and told him to drop me at a cyber cafe so I could share my day with all of you 🙂 its 4.40 now, still around 7 hours to go for my next train. I’ll be heading back to the station and well relax in the A/C waiting room.

Will see you all on another blog post from Bangalore…. same time, same place.

Its bye from Hubballi (that’s the new name for Hubli…cya! <3 to all

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