KodaiKanal – Very Special


KodaiKanal…Special…Very Very special 🙂 This place to me is like Heaven on Earth…the temperature…wavers from anything between 12 degrees to 21 degrees. There’s always breeze blowing…how lovely would it be to settle down here forever. I’m going one step further and looking out for a job here, God willing, I will find one…

I have fallen in Love with this place…I don’t think that the English Langauge has enough words to express what I am feeling right now.

A much longer post is expected…yes! surely…but I once I reach back to Goa. People who come to Goa say “Goa is Paradise”, I say “Kodaikanal comes close to the feeling of ecstasy, the weather here gets me on a high. Language is one thing…but the people out here are very nice…yes I know they are all good to tourists…but trust me, I have met some very genuine people and it does not make a difference to them whether you are local or not.

They wanna come to Goa, I wanna be in KodaiKanal 🙂 Guess the grass is always green the other side.

It took me a long time to find an Internet Cafe in KodaiKanal, I finally did 🙂 I just had to put this blog post up as a prelude to what I have to write in my next one with pictures.

This time tomorrow I would have left this place to catch my train back to Bangalore. I will come back here, either a holiday or work… I know life will give me another opportunity to make it back here

How can a post about Kodaikanal end without the mention of monkeys…some call them a nuisance, I think they are really cute and adorable. They are all around the place… I have a few just outside my room, well at least they are there when I am back, no idea whether they are guard monkeys but yes, they bring a lot of joy…just having them around.

Signing off from KodaiKanal…till I reach Goa…which will be 2 days from now.


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  1. you say you would like to return to the place, how about three years on, with some company.

    1. theextraaamile says: Reply

      Why not, will need a plan.

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