Back to Goa @ 35 degrees….

Arrival – Goa, 23rd April, 9.45a.m courtesy 06948/Hubli-Vasco Da Gama Goa Link Express…the four coaches that links to a train coming from Nizamuddin, Delhi …and if that train happens to be running late…you are stranded at Londa station for a long time…4 hours it was 🙁

exhaustedWalked out of Madgaon station, the temperature recorded 34 degrees, what a drastic change from 48 hours before, where 15-17 degrees was normal…with a strong breeze blowing across the hill-station of KodaiKanal. Of course when it rained, the temperature dropped down further to 12 raindegrees which is freaking amazing!! Even places like Bangalore and Hubli are comparatively cooler in the evenings.
Goa is sweating and so are its people.

……so it did happen after all; I brought the rains with me . That was one awesome shower last night in Goa …we can only hope and pray that we have another repeat performance every night 🙂 the mornings tho’ continue to be sunny, hot and depressing.

KodaiKanal on the other hand… situated at an altitude of 7200 feet, offered the perfect weather to spend away from the heat back home in GOA. By far, one of my best holidays in terms of correct timing and correct location.

Can’t stop thinking about the 72 hours spend at Kodaikanal hills, a wonderful experience. It was ‘almost’ like the perfect holiday. At home, I was like… ‘Kodai is this…and Kodai is that…’ when telling them about the place and what it has to offer in terms of its weather and location… mum, dad and sis would just not get it. Well, I guess you just need to be there to experience it…

Green Valley View (Real Time click)
View from Coakers Walk (Internet Image)

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