2 minutes 50 seconds (PART III)

“Your daughter?”

“Oh no, she’s my niece…she is Pooja’s… my sisters daughter”, She’ll be here soon…she just had to run a few errands, so I’m playing the good aunt today evening buying Ritika her favorite chocolates”… you seemed nervous…you thought she was my daughter, wasn’t it?”

“hahahaha….not at all…I knew it all along”

“Right! Mr Butterfly shorts…btw you like butterflies?”

“Why are you after my shorts? You are jealous of my shorts …. aren’t u?”

“I think they are pretty sexy (with a wicked smile) especially the butterflies on your booty

(and they both burst out laughing)

“okay lets go…before people start looking at us…”

“you mean, at you?”

(They make way towards the payment counter, he takes out a couple of thousand rupee notes, adding kritika’s couple of chocolates in the total sum)

Walking out, Anjali notices Pooja at a distance parking her car…

“there’s Pooja, gimme a second…I’ll drop kritika and be back in a jiffy” taking Kritika along, who by now has already opened her first chocolate and happily eating it.

Anjali to Pooja “Here’s your little munchkinn” and yes I bought her a couple of chocolates…hope that’s okay!?

“a couple is fine…and what about me? … btw who is that that guy with the weird shorts, saw you talking to him as I was parking”

“he’s Sameer…and yeah those are his butterfly shorts…they look cute don’t they?”

“at home yes, surely…come’on now let’s go”

“errr….actually I’ll be having dinner at Sameer’s tonight”

“and this plan I suppose was made just now?”

“yeah since I bumped into Sameer, thot I’d spend some time with him”

….”okay just make sure you make it before morning home this time…cya” (winking at Anjali)


(3 big shopping bags, 2 on the right, 1 to the left walking down the street with Anjali for company, something he did not imagine an hour ago…things can change pretty fast, he thought…there was a spring in his step

He kept the house keys in his pocket, something he could not reach for immediately with three heavy bags, standing in front of the main door, so he asked

“Anjali mind holding the bag for a minute, I need to get the keys from my pocket”

“i’ll get them, which side?” “the right” he said

she put her hand into his right pocket “got it” he felt a little something…a little awkward moment there

“ummm, thanks” as she unlocked the door, open

“make yourself comfortable while I put these things in place…or maybe you can help me”

“you make your guests do work huh Sameer? how cruel”

“better than sitting alone while I do all the work right”

(giving him a soft blow on his arm)

After 20 minutes

“I’m tired” (plonked herself on the sofa)

“why don’t you freshen up? I can lend you a T shirt and my track pants”

“yeah, good idea…would you happen to have an extra pair of the butterfly shorts?”

“just go” (signalling the way to the bathroom)

In the meanwhile Sameer keeps himself busy with preparation of  Maggi Chicken Noodle Soup Mix, there’s only a limited things a single guy can cook, Maggi being one of his specialties…and in no time he has hot hot soup ready on his gas stove, ready to be served.

Walking towards the music system in the living room, choosing from his range of cd’s on the shelf, deciding on which one to play. He hears the sound of the shower being turned off, opening of the door and Anjali walking out…

“you must be feeling fresh, after a cold shower especially on a hot day like this… it is the best feeling ever……” as he inserts the cd into the player and it begins to play…

Anjali had come in behind me, I turned around and there she was standing with only a T shirt on…wrapped her arms around me…it felt good. She leaned her cheek against my chest and stayed there for a while.


“Shhhhhhh, don’t talk” she slowly took off my t-shirt and her hand slipped up and down my chest stroking it against my hairy chest…as we slowly moved to the beat of the music…

after a little while she whispered “let’s do it”….”right here right now” she breathed

as the track changed on the cd….

“Why not?”

She looked up as I kissed her hard, it was as if Anjali would turn into a pumpkin at the stroke of 12 with only a couple of minutes left…her hands were already at my shorts, pushing down my shorts and undies in one go….her cold fingers wrapped around my toosh.

I took off her t-shirt, pulled down her panties, Anjali guiding me inside her with a few, slow, seductive movements. She was almost a foot shorter than me for all the adjustments we had to make, it would have been comical had we not been so caught up in the moment. We seemed to be moving according to the beat…to the now faster beat of the music

I lifted her off the floor as she wrapped her legs around me in well practiced fashion and finally, I sunk inside her…tight, wet opening. she moaned into my ear, her breath hot.

…faster…it was the first time I was seeing her in this avatar and I liked it…

“I like the way you said that..I breathed and her laugh was cut short as I slammed into her a second time…aaahhhh…she moaned.

We found our rhythm and we were now in perfect sync, soon enough it felt like any other time…it looked as if the a/c switched off automatically as our sweaty bodies entwined with each other.

Anjali’s hand clung to me tightly, like she was afraid I’d drop her, she felt wonderfully tight and yet welcoming too…she whispered into my ear “you are my first” and she let out a soft moan’ ….I thrust into her hard, one ….two…..three wanting to enjoy the moment thoroughly…she was in a different zone….screaming for more……we felt like two teenagers having secret sex at the back of the library with every possibility of being caught at any moment by the librarian….adding the extra thrill to the encounter…the walls echoed from the sounds of our moans…as if the entire room was witness to the fast forward sex-in-motion of two desperate lovers.

Her eyes met mine, dazed and mischievous and we kissed again, our tongues thrashing in a battle for control…”keep going” she panted…and I did…pounding into her furiously until I felt the waves of euphoria flood through me as I came deep inside her

We stayed there a moment, my forehead against hers…both of us trying to breathe evenly….as the cd track changed to play its next song…..

Smiling she said…”I hope the Chicken Noodle Soup is ready…that was quite a workout 🙂 I kissed her “I’m at it”… but as soon as I can find my shorts”

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