#Goa – aaah! Feel the difference…

1381232015A little about us… We are called Goans…and we are from India’s smallest state, Goa and we are extremely proud of ourselves 🙂 Sorry, if you are not goan or have no connections with us…if you are my friend…or follower on this blog, Well!! be proud of yourself…you know a goan and that’s as close you can get to being associated with Goa…more like a 0.00009% 🙂

now read more if you are curious about us 🙂

# NO – People fom Goa are not Goanese, and neither Goanese is a language. The language is Konkani…and just incase that you don’t know, we laugh behind your back at your attempt of speaking our language…its not the same, its seriously hilarious!!

# NO – We do not live on the beach. Calangute and Anjuna aren’t the only two beaches that Goa has…just saying!

# …and yes further stating the point above…Goa doesn’t start at Anjuna and end at Calangute.

# NO – All Goans do not play the guitar…take me for example, I don’t even own a guitar let alone play one.

# NO – We do not eat fish for breakfast and drink Feni every minute of the day. Fish is plentily available…doesn’t mean we eat it all the time. You can have a share of fish when you are on holiday…at a price tho’…

# YES – We have colleges in Goa and NO they are not on the beach.

# NO – We don’t wear bright & colorful funky clothes. If you say “I saw that in the movies…” Screw bollywood, it has ruined you.

# NO – Anthony Gonsalves is not a neighbor everytime. I know an Anthony and a Gonsalves, they are two different people and they aren’t even my neighbors, they stay in the village of Assolna…which is 10 kms from where I stay. If you are interested to know where Assolna is… google it!!

# YES – Goans are sexy. If you have heard it from a friend or a passing tourist who has visited Goa before…there are absolutely correct. Sexy has a very different meaning in Goa. You wanna clarify that before coming here. ‘Sexy’ is ‘classy’ in a very attractive way here.

What is shown in Bollywood is not the real Goa…and yes there is no GOA City! You aren’t just visiting a state, you are experiencing a lifestyle…a whole different one…from whichever other screwed up part of India you are coming from 😉

Okay that was harsh…we all love the place we are born in…but ‘Screw You’…it’s still not GOA…hahahahahaha 🙂

and lastly… # YES – I have better things to do than be your guide! A guide is a service provided…pay him his fees and he’ll gladly do it for you 🙂


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  1. Haha, I love this post. So true about Bollywood though! It has Punjab always celebrating Lohri and singing, Tamil Nadu like ‘elle’ onl, Goans as Gonsalves.
    But to br honest, I love Goa. I’ve been there just once, but it was love at first sight
    . Yeah, its hot and all, but the place is serene, especially where we were. I love that fact that you live in Goa <3

    1. …yes, but then when we want to go on a holiday…where do we go? I try the various hill stations 🙂

      1. Yea, they are generally pleasant!

    1. thanks…have u been to Goa?

      1. Yes I did .. Awesome place

  2. Viva viva viva !!!!

  3. And please add we do not substitute full stops with Man……pleaseeeeee

  4. Bwahaha! I had a Goa trip with 3 other girl friends before our BE year ended. Best trip of my life. Only 2 of us could drive activas so we were the drivers. South to north and all that fun! We saw the beaches, the paddy fields, and we visited smaller churches and on my insistence, Mangeshi and Shantadurga temples. Thanks to those we saw the interiors. Goa has a very high ranked MBA school. Our Mech classmate was a Ponda native and he helped us out with planning. And he was a Sawant not a Gonsalvez. Lol

    1. glad you had so much fun :p

  5. Punched it bro!! lol
    i enjoyed this reading as much as you enjoyed writing. Long live Goa!!!

  6. “We have colleges in Goa and NO they are not on the beach.” 😀 😀
    This was an informative and hilarious post. 🙂 And don’t get me started on Bollywood spoiling things for us.
    Anyhow, it has been about 2 years since a few of us have been planning our Goa trip. It hasn’t materialized yet. Hopefully, some day soon. 🙂

    1. do make it …. a one time visit for sure if not more to follow. Don’t forget your bikini…to hit the water. Shorts will do.. but a bikini just adds to the thrill 🙂 and I would love to meet you when u do finally make it to Goa 🙂

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    Here is an introduction to Goa. One thing I love about WP is the exposure to cultures different than mine. Enjoy the education…

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