the final goodbye

She stood silently in one corner with tears flowing from her eyes, while they lowered his coffin into the ground. She would never see him again…never hear his voice, see his smile or the way his face would light up every time someone mentionedimg_5751 her name.

As she made her way from one corner of the graveyard, closer to the hole dug in the ground where Rui’s coffin was placed, symbolically, throwing a handful of mud over his coffin…to say her final good bye…she whispered a soft 3 words… “I’ll miss you, Rui”

She got up, wiped her tears and began walking out of the cemetery when she felt from behind, a hand on her shoulder

“Were you a close friend of Rui’s?” the voice asked. She turned back to see who it was.

It was Judy, Rui’s eldest sister. She had recognized her from the photographs he had showed her only a couple of days ago from his mobile phone

“He never spoke about any of his close friends”

“I’m Reeva, yes Rui is one of my closest friends as she hugged Judy tightly, the closest she came to meeting his family, not able to hold back her tears, began crying once again

She could not believe that Rui was no more in their midst and that she would finally get to meet his family, at his own funeral only a day later….

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