A Phone Crisis

Of late I am going through a phase of what I call ‘a phone crisis’. No matter which phone I use…it just doesn’t work. Either the phones are faulty or I am seriously doing something wrong. To start with the Android phone…well its a Micromax…some cell_phone2  people say “Very bad choice for your first android phone’ but well I still went ahead and bought it. One year…and well the battery has swelled up twice, the keypad isn’t working…and basically the phone is simply crazy!!
With no option left…I had to go back to my old phones…yes the really old ones…those work for a week and today morning when I man-shocked-cell-phone-sper_620x350switched it on…it refused to come on. So in the past 30 minutes I’ve tried a Sony, an LG, a Nokia…and none of them seem to co-operate.
So now I have two sim cards with no phone to put them into…how sad!! 🙁
I need to buy a phone…wait!! An Android…?? No other phones types are available I guess…

What a waste of money to buy a new phone…! I wish life was simpler…and phones were not really required! I think i’ll go for a second hand one…these stupid Android phones…guess I’m not made for the hi-tech stuff

aaaarrrrrggggghhhh 20130413_amp503

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  1. Tough luck 😉. I used to believe Nokias never got spoilt. Now i know better.

    1. they do…they do… only much later than other phones 😉

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