Shopping for a new phone!

Man-With-Question-01I am always confused about buying an Android phone, choosing a phone now has become that much more difficult for me…. after 5 mobiles died on me after trying to get them to work if not for the internet usage, at least for the basic calling, I was left with no option but to go and buy a new phone…so I went shopping…mobile shopping
I did a little research on the internet on a few phones like the Samsungs, Nokia Lumia’s…and the Sony’s etc and set out…and yes I would never throw a lot of money on a phone…so I was looking at between six to seven thousand…can’t see myself wasting more money on a stupid gadget.

I went to the first shop…I was like “can you show me phones ranging from 6,000/-” …so he goes and takes 3 mobile boxes from the shelf…Micromax, Gionee, Samsung (seeing the Micromax box in front of me got me a little irritated) as he went ahead and started telling me of its features. I asked him a simple question “have you used this phone before?” he seemed to guage that I was pissed off by his sales talk. “Next please” I said…as he went on to the Gionee and finally the Samsung. This guy was truly gifted, if you wanted to sell a mobile phone to a customer…you would want to have this guy in your shop. I was not going to fall his sales talk…okay! now that I had the information I needed to move on (obviously I wasn’t going to buy a phone then and there!) to the next shop. Seeing no Nokia mobiles on his shelf, I asked him “do you have Nokia Lumia phones?”, of course he didn’t have them… sadly he said no…to which I said “I was actually looking for
a Lumia, thanks anyways”. I smiled and walked away. On a hot day, 20 minutes of free A/c…a blessing!

Next shop

“Hi” I said “I’m looking for an Android phone, can you show me some options?” I looked more serious this time. So he turned around looked at his shelf and took out a few models ranging from 10,000/- upwards. Looking at the price on the box, “in the range of 6000 or so” a few more boxes infront of me…this time I had an OPPO box, a Gionee box and a Lava 5-Tips-to-buy-Smartphone-MakeMeNoisebox. He didn’t have a samsung phone to offer me for choice. Maybe he was an anti-samsung, I thought.
I looked around the box reading the specifications…which seemed okay…but the again, information is one thing, the working is another thing all together. So as I begun asking questions on the various choices he gave me and comparing one with the other, imparting some of his gyaan…I saw a samsung somewhere in the corner of his big glass shelf.
“What about Samsung?”
“very expensive phones and not very good” was his instant reply
…and to think I had set out to buy a samsung phone going by its specifications which looked the best to me. I was more confused at that moment than when I set out.
After all the talk, I still hadn’t made up my mind … maybe another shop I thought. It can’t get any worse. 35 minutes in the a/c, its felt goooooooooooood

The third shop
Before I could say anything…the guy said “Welcome Saar, looking for mobile saar?” I smiled, yes… I will show you best mobile and he takes out an OPPO mobile box.
“Saar best phone in market”
I was like “okay, tell me more”
so he turns the box around and he starts reading the specifications written on the side…. I could have done that myself and besides I knew the specifications from the 2nd shop…he had explained in detail with examples and all.
“Any other phone?”
“Yes Saar, lot phones”…he starts naming the companies looking at his shelf
Seeing the confused look on my face “Saar, you take oppo…no tension, best phone” Not sure whether he was the ambassador for the oppo company or what… he seemed to be pushing oppo sales big time. If I counted right he must have used the ‘word oppo’ at least 17 times in the 10 minutes I was in his shop. I needed to go, else I might just land up with an oppo phone…he was very pushy…and I was literally under pressure.
“Are you open tomorrow?” I asked…
“9am” he said.
“Which shops begin business at 9?” I thought …and I answered that myself “A keralite one”
“I’ll come tomorrow” I said and walked away
Oh! forgot to mention, there wasn’t any a/c in this shop but a fan running on top speed. It was cool enough tho’

So back home…and I don’t have a new phone. My head says Samsung…. my heart says….forget it…my heart says many things. Maybe a samsung…lets see when I finally get to buying a new phone!! tomorrow or …. ? lets c

Samsung Galaxy Trend Duos maybe…

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  1. I think my dad has the Samsung Galaxy duo. It’s pretty good. Not expensive. My buddy works for Microsoft(previously Nokia) and has tons of lumias to test at home. Hehe. I used it for a couple of months when my old iPhone speaker was busted.

    1. so u say Lumia’s not good..that’s the general opinion of people around. Will check up on the Samsung Galaxy duo..thanx for the tip butter 🙂

      1. No! I did not say that. I had an iPhone and prefer upgrading to iPhones to keep things simple for me. Lumia is a very good phone actually.

        1. ummm, k. That makes 1 person who speaks FOR the Lumia 🙂

  2. Your experiences are so relatable! That’s why I switched to shopping online 😛
    I think you should try Motorola..they have the best budget phones at the moment. You can also try home brands like Spice and just need to check the specs well before purchasing 😀

    1. I finally bought a Samsung galaxy S duos 3… it says on the box 🙂
      5.30 today evening I celebrate its 1 day anniversary, you can come over, I have cupcakes and coffee/tea ready 🙂 Otherwise ice cream if you feeling hot 😉

      1. Hahaha! Thank you! 😊

  3. dis is such a relatable experience!
    btw I ended up with a samsung galaxy phone too!!

    1. swati…swati…swati 🙂 I’m starting to like you now :p hmmm 🙂 what’s your samsung phone model?

      1. hahah..galaxy S duos 😛
        I have been using it fr a long tym now..time for some change though!

        1. Mine is a Samsung Galaxy S DUOS 3… lol, so same pinch 🙂

          1. haha i dun know if there is a number too (like 3 in yours)..!

          2. I went to search for my box…lol, luckily it wa on my table onli 🙂

          3. …but like I am seriously happy ur here today 🙂 and for the next two days too… yipeee, its like an extended weekend

          4. I am allowed to act a little childish here ryt…none of my students are here… so its okay I guess 🙂

          5. so do you teach in some school or smthng? or is it something you do from home?

          6. In a school of course but I do it from home as well for students out of India, as and when I have them ask for lessons

        2. where were you for the past few days…?

  4. I have been busy with work..i just get weekends off!

    1. So Friday is weekend huh swati in your part of the world… nice 🙂 🙂

      1. haha not really..I have taken an its a extended weekend for me 🙂

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