SBI – Saare Bhikari Idhar

sbiSBI…better or worse I don’t know…but known by people by the full form of State Bank Of India or should I say ‘saare bhikari idhar’
…some of India’s frustrated people work in branches of State Bank all over India. I need not say much about this bank…everyone knows how the staff operate…the service dished out and of late it resembles scenes of railway stations across India with chairs kept and tokens given to people to await their turns…and I’m not talking of 1 and 2 people…loads of them. It’s like 1 in every 5 people of India have accounts open in State Bank. Unfortunately I have an account too…not because of choice but by force, my salary goes into that account.

They have machines installed, one for passbook updation and another for cash deposit. Half the time, the deposit machine doesn’t work…today was one such day. All I had was a 500 rupees note to deposit…the line was long, the machine conked off and the people were restless… and it was hot too. It was crazy and chaotic… things could not get any worse.
I went into the ATM just outside the bank to check my balance…on a hot day like it was, the A/c inside wasn’t working… Wow! that was the height!

Even if one wants to raise their voice in the bank to tell of some officer on what pathetic jobs they are doing…its of no use, they are all thick skinned. Doesn’t affect them…

I should have a taken a picture or two when I was there…you would have understood better! An opportunity missed 🙁 Tomorrow surely, I need to go there again…and I am already dreading it….arrrrrgggghhhhhh 🙁

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