8 days in God’s Own Country

22nd to 30th May…8 days to a fresh start. Today I am on the 8th day and I am back to square 1…and am I glad I found my way back.

I believe I have been on buses and trains more than I have been able to find the time to relax – ALL IN 8 DAYS and finally today on the 8th Day I have decided to return back from the point I started it all from ‘The Train Station’. Yes, I am going back to Goa and I am absolutely thrilled about it.

Why does it happen that sometimes you make a decision and it goes all horribly wrong? Thankfully I wasn’t too far to turn back. 8 days and I feel I made the worst decision ever! It has been a series of errors…one error after another and you would think 2 or 3 errors would finally get one to change his mind, I took 8 days, just with a single statement that I told myself every morning that I woke up “Today will be a better day than yesterday, hopefully” as I went to sleep at the end of the day, the story was the same if not worse.

Today’s date is the 30th of May and I finally decided, this cannot go on…by the 1st of a new month I am either in or out and nowhere in the middle.

…by the 31st I’ll be out of Kerala and on the 1st i’ll be in Goa…and even as I type it it brings a big smile to my face and a huge relief on my face…phew!!

If you are a Malayali reading this and you understand the geographical map of Kerala…you will understand the distances I have traveled….from the hills to Wayanad… Calicut…. Trissur…. Muvatapuzha.. .Ernakulam… Aluva… and some of the places that I cannot even remember. It’s a lot!!

Amidst all the chaos I have met and made a few friends, some genuinely nice people and eaten some of Kerala’s best dishes…I like their evening snack ‘Pazham Porimaxresdefault(banana fry) it’s oily but I love it!!

Kerala can get the best or the worst out of you…it all depends on one’s perception and attitude, maybe mine wasn’t the best, to be fair to myself… I at least tried, 8 days is quite a lot!!!

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  1. I think it takes courage to do what feels right 🙂 wish you all the best

    1. while some said it was ‘a failure’ others said a bold decision. I decide to stay away from the comments and continue doing what’s right…paying attention to myself. Thanks Sarah 🙂

  2. Pazhampori is a classic snack of Kerala and I am glad you liked it. 🙂
    I am really sorry that you didn’t feel so good here. I don’t know what your exact assignment was, but if you were visiting places like Wayanad, Wagamon, Thekkady etc, you would definitely have had a lovely time. You had actually chosen a good time to visit Kerala but the nature & weather is not what it is supposed to be. That could have caused you some troubles too. I hope you visit again and find it to be a better experience 🙂

    1. Just one of those things…the exact assignment was teaching,.and its really sad to know that ‘education/Communicative English is made a flourishing business in Kerala. If only the schools learnt that having a faculty come from Goa to teach their students directly, they would save a big chunk of their money and not through the so called ‘companies’ that loot not only the school management but don’t do justice to the faculty in terms of remuneration as well. Sad state! I would love to write an article about the same on a Kerala daily read newspaper, if you could help me get it translated and see that it is published 🙂

      1. I appreciate your intentions but I have no contacts in the journalism field. Besides, I am not good enough to do the translation either. If I come across someone in future, I will definitely pass this on 🙂

        1. never mind…but yes do keep an eye and ear open if you do come across someone 🙂 you aren’t running away from wordpress…are you? at least we’d remain in touch. You’re a sweet girl 🙂

          1. Ah no. I wouldn’t run away from my blog. Yes we could remain in touch.
            I think that would be too quick a conclusion about me 😛

    2. Wayanad is an awesome place, really is…just like you said, things didn’t work out. Kerala does hold a special place in my heart for different reasons 🙂 teaching being one of the main reasons,,,5 years back ie 🙂 precious memories with students 🙂

      1. Aww… you were a teacher? That is wonderful. I have a huge respect for the profession and I consider them lucky to have taken that up. There is nothing greater than imparting knowledge 🙂

        1. I still am :p I fell in love with the profession myself, the first time I was introduced to it 🙂

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