22nd to 30th May…8 days to a fresh start. Today I am on the 8th day and I am back to square 1…and am I glad I found my way back.

I believe I have been on buses and trains more than I have been able to find the time to relax – ALL IN 8 DAYS and finally today on the 8th Day I have decided to return back from the point I started it all from ‘The Train Station’. Yes, I am going back to Goa and I am absolutely thrilled about it.

Why does it happen that sometimes you make a decision and it goes all horribly wrong? Thankfully I wasn’t too far to turn back. 8 days and I feel I made the worst decision ever! It has been a series of errors…one error after another and you would think 2 or 3 errors would finally get one to change his mind, I took 8 days, just with a single statement that I told myself every morning that I woke up “Today will be a better day than yesterday, hopefully” as I went to sleep at the end of the day, the story was the same if not worse.

Today’s date is the 30th of May and I finally decided, this cannot go on…by the 1st of a new month I am either in or out and nowhere in the middle.

…by the 31st I’ll be out of Kerala and on the 1st i’ll be in Goa…and even as I type it it brings a big smile to my face and a huge relief on my face…phew!!

If you are a Malayali reading this and you understand the geographical map of Kerala…you will understand the distances I have traveled….from the hills to Wayanad… Calicut…. Trissur…. Muvatapuzha.. .Ernakulam… Aluva… and some of the places that I cannot even remember. It’s a lot!!

Amidst all the chaos I have met and made a few friends, some genuinely nice people and eaten some of Kerala’s best dishes…I like their evening snack ‘Pazham Porimaxresdefault(banana fry) it’s oily but I love it!!

Kerala can get the best or the worst out of you…it all depends on one’s perception and attitude, maybe mine wasn’t the best, to be fair to myself… I at least tried, 8 days is quite a lot!!!