The Totally Unexpected

The taxi was already downstairs waiting, the driver was told to be below the building exactly at 3 a.m. He had already honked 2 times but he wouldn’t want to overdo it, it was after all as early as 3.30 in the morning but with no sign of his passenger, he was getting a little agitated …he was about to horn the third time when he finally saw him come down the flight of steps struggling to carry his fairly large suitcase and a couple of bags on either side of his shoulder. Ryan gave a kiss to his wife while the taxi driver loaded his suitcase along with the two bags in the dicky. The driver started on the ignition and the taxi came to life…pressing the accelerator a couple of times to check if all was right to go.
“Give me a call as soon as you reach Doha airport, I’ll be waiting” as the taxi drove out rather quickly. She kept waving her hand as she saw the taxi moving further and further out of her sight, she gave him a flying kiss, she whispered a silent “miss you baby”
Lorraine wanted to accompany her hubby to the airport to spend those few precious minutes before he would catch his flight but Ryan had insisted that she not come along as it was early in the morning and he would be really worried about her travelling back alone in the taxi even before dawn…it took a lot of coaxing from Ryan that she finally gave in to not going along with him to the airport. The “Airport” however held a special place in both their hearts as they first met and eventually fell in love at the airport, while he was in transit, she was travelling to Sri Lanka to attend her best friend’s wedding…they met and got talking over at the ‘Cafe Coffee Day’ counter… a year later and they were married.

Ryan and Lorraine were recently married, just over a month. Ryan’s office was in the phase of expansion and he was clearly told by his boss that he was the first one chosen to head their first international assignment in London. Lorraine was disappointed when Ryan mentioned that he would have to leave to London soon after they got married..but at the same time promised her that it would be very soon that she would also be able to join him in London and they could start their lives afresh in a new city and country. They still did have a good 31 days before he had to leave.

25th September, 7.15 a.m (India) 4.45 a.m (Doha) :-

Lorraine was in the kitchen. She was preparing a cup of coffee for herself. The telephone began ringing…she looked at the clock above her, this must be Ryan. It was around a 3 hour flight from Mumbai to Doha and she did tell him to call once he reached. She ran along the long corridor to pick up the ringing phone, she spoke into the phone…

around the same time in-flight

(in the airplane) “I have been flying forever, is this flight ever going to land”? he mutters to himself, looking outside the tiny airplane window…”clouds….clouds and more clouds”. The
announcement he was waiting for finally came

“Ladies and Gentlemen, we are about to begin our final descent to the Qatar International Airport. Currently at Doha the weather is 25 degrees Celsius … We have certainly enjoyed having you on board today, we hope to see you again real soon, and thanks again for flying Qatar Airways”

While he waited patiently around the conveyor belt for his baggage, it was always a thrill…more of a challenge for Ryan to spot his bags out of the hundreds that come out…it was like a test on how long he could concentrate and pick up the right bag among others which looked very similar to his.It took sometime that he pulled out his suitcase and 2 bags out from the conveyor belt and onto his trolley…heading straight for the pay phones on the other side of the airport…he remembered that Lorrie had told him to call as soon as he reached Doha airport.
He rolled his trolley over to the pay phones and dialed India…the phone kept on ringing, as he was about to disconnect Lorrie picked up…”Hi baby” he said

Very excitedly she said ‘Hello? Hello Ryan? … Hello Ryan? Ryaaaa but she said no more because the long sharp knife had pierced her heart. Then it came out of her body and got flung onto the floor. stabbedThe man backed away and briskly went out the same door he came in, shutting it behind him. He hung up the receiver and a few seconds later kept it off the hook.

There was silence all around… it was murder! it was a day light murder

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  1. ‘Hello? Hello Ryan? … Hello Ryan? Ryaaaa

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