The monsoon’s almost here…my favorite time of the year!


The scorching sun that dominates the sky all over us will soon give way to dark rain clouds, followed by the much awaited and celebrated rains across the country. Yes! I am talking about the Monsoons which have finally hit the southern coast and will soon cover the entire landscape.

rocksThe place you want to be in…yes in Goa 


If Goa is fun unlimited in the summers, it’s absolutely magical during the rainy season…beautiful during this period which is between June to September, when the landscape wears a fresh green look and the lashing rains create an atmosphere of romance and thrill. Angry waves lash the black jagged rocks lining the shores as the coconut trees sway in the heavy winds. A word of caution though, you wanna be extra careful as the sea can get really choppy during this period. Many lives have ended abruptly in those treacherous waters…and you don’t want any of that happening…enjoy the weather, it surely gets me on a HIGH!

Of course not forgetting to spend extra time with that special someone under one umbrella…‘the carry one umbrella for every two people trick always works…doesn’t it’?

Can I not be single just during the monsoons…come on’ (looking up to the heavens) “I’m missing out on all the romance”

Enjoy the monsoons people 🙂

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