Half Year Resolution

…Its June, I wasn’t able to fulfill the Half Year Resolution, though I must admit…I didn’t try too hard. Maybe a little more effort and I would have surely at least gotten close.
In January 2015 my weight recorded 85 kgs, yes definitely over weight, I couldn’t help it. I had just returned from a Sri Lankan trip and yes I absolutely loved the food! It was like wow…I did tell myself that I would shed all those calories once I got back to India, I guess some things are easier said than done…
Yes, so my resolution for half the year was to come down to 60 kgs or thereabouts which I was told was ideal for my height and age.

Walkers and Joggers-Fatorda

6 months into the year…the good news is that I have restarted my evening walk/light jog. It felt good, really really good…though I found myself initially puffing and panting after walking just a few meters, I managed to continue and complete a good 3 rounds of the entire ‘walkers & joggers track’ at Fatorda which is approximately 2.5 kms from my house.
3 full rounds of the jogging track + 5 kms up and down to my house…now that’s a more than decent walk, especially after 6 months. Untitled

I checked my weight, the last time being at the airport in Sri Lanka which recorded 85 kgs, today when I stood on a weighing machine, it recorded a more healthy 78 kgs…so I did lose a little weight after all. 7 kgs down is good…a little over a kg a month 🙂 Though I haven’t come even close to my target… I have pushed for another 6 months…by December, I’ll try to touch the late 60’s…being realistic here! 69 kgs is what i’m aiming for.

If you look at me, I don’t look 78 kgs…or maybe I would need to sit on you for you to actually feel the weight…
Today’s jog was a good one tho’, a little tiring but the weather was awesome, dark clouds hovering in the sky..by the time I finished, the clouds burst into a healthy shower..got wet..still walked, didn’t take the bus. Walked all the way home…

I am thinking of an early morning walk/jog tomorrow, the gates open at 5.00. Let’s see if I can make it by 5.30 at least. Maybe a jog on the beach…now that’s not a bad idea…


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