Another date, another restaurant, the same conversation

“She’s always late” mumbling to himself and looking at his watch, “Can’t she come early even once”? He was obviously taking about Fedora, his one and true love since college.
The first time he met and spoke to her, he knew she was going to be the only girl in his life, he tried all possible ways of expressing his love for her BUT for the direct approach.
He would send her heartbeats at almost all college functions choosing his famous ‘secret admirer’ tag (all his friends knew, even Fedora knew as she would blush every time she received a heartbeat :), sending song requests via the radio, even sending msgs to the newspaper on valentines day…it was evident on his face every time he made silly excuses to
go and talk to her. However they did enjoy each others company a lot, whether it was over snacks at the college canteen, watching basketball matches or at class picnics.
Fedora knew that Filipe had a special place for her in his heart but was unable to express it, she waited patiently for the day he would come up and say it to her. That did happen, not exactly the way that she imagined it would be.

Just as Filipe was to sip his coffee, he saw Fedora sauntering inside the restaurant with her perfect side to side sway and her tied wet hair in a ponytail. I put my left hand under the table to check the time, 10.15 only 15 minutes late this time. I smiled as she got nearer, gave her a hug and said “hi sweetheart, looking beautiful as always” and she blushed.

“You came early again, didn’t you”?
“Always my dear, I don’t want to miss a minute from the time you walk in until we walk out”
“Oh really!? How sweet of you then…I thought u’d be angry.
“Me and angry” no never. (she see’s me coming early but not in her coming late..interesting!)
“Skipped breakfast again, didn’t u”
(as Filipe signals for the waiter to come) “Tea with no 1 spoon of sugar and one bun”
(Fedora interrupts) “I’ll have coffee this time and…. (as she flips the menu from back to front)
(Filipe signals the waiter to come after 5 minutes)
“this is gonna take some time”
“I heard that mister” (gives a light blow on his right arm)
“Ow…now what was that for”?
“….and a masala dosa”
“How’s things back home”? I prayed for you
“Everything’s the same…and you know I don’t believe the prayers that you talk about”
“Some day you will, anyways did you talk to your parents about..ussss (Filipe interrupts) “Not again Fedora, u know how it is”
“Not last month, not last week, not yesterday…then when Filipe? My parents absolutely love you. They keep asking me if they should go ahead and come and meet your parents.
“Oh yeah, that should spice up things for us…surely”
“You can’t keep putting it off, you love me don’t you…unless you’ve found someone else”
“Not the same dialogue again and again and again, of course I love you, I have loved you since the first time I saw you”
“….yeah and it did take a long time for you to say it, rather write it”
“We’re already in our late 20’s Filipe and I love you a lot, I can’t really see a future with anyone else” Its been 8 years…she continues to speak
“Okay! Okay! I’ll speak to mom & dad today evening”
“You do understand that you’ll need to say “I Do” and not write it down right?”
“Yes sweetheart” (he smiles sheepishly remembering how childish it was of him to have written it down and not said it to her directly)date-night

…”sweety I sometimes wonder, how could the man I love be stupid and handsome at the same time”
“i guess that’s the perfect combination and that why we’re together (as they walk out of the restaurant laughing…holding each others hands)

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  1. izza ifzaal says: Reply

    Thats soo adorable!!!

  2. same conversation but a different outcome I guess!
    Nice write 🙂

    1. thanks 🙂 the best part is… I really don’t think of a second part 🙂 I read thru all the expectations and come out with my own :p

  3. That’s so short and sweet conversation!Little conversation do a lot if things😊

      1. I read this and things like these are not really easy ,it doesn’t matter how much your family provides freedom! Good post😊

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