Later that day…

Spending time with Fedora were some of the happiest times in the otherwise very boring life Philipe was leading. When at office, he drowned himself in work to avoid thinking about the problems he faced outside the four walls of his office, his socializing skills were not the greatest but somehow whenever he was around Fedora, things seemed different. Home was a place he went to eat and sleep, nothing much else could be expected. Being a Saturday, having spent the entire day together, he dropped Fedora home and made his way to his…he would like to call it his home, but in reality it was more of a house with people tolerating each other under one roof.

The first right turn after Ripplez Mall would take him straight to the road leading to his house but he instead drove ahead a few kms, parking his car at the side of the road getting out of the car, hands on his head screaming into thin air “What am I doing? Going to talk to them?” Shaking his head…”nothing’s gonna
happen..nothing” but then he did promise Fedora earlier that day that he would and we wouldn’t go back on his word. He got back in the car, turned around and in a few minutes he was parked outside MENDONCA House,T-2, Rebello Road, that’s where he lived. He could hear loud voices coming from inside… the
neighbors were out as wasn’t an unusual scene in the colony, especially when the voices were reaching out onto the road. Seeing Filipe outside, they went indoors.

“Scream…scream more, let the neighbors know what kind of man you are”mqdefault
“Like you are any better, what kind of example are you setting”?

Filipe walked towards the door and opened it with the set of keys he always carried with him. On seeing him, they didn’t continue and remained quiet…as to show as if everything was alright, it was as if their voices were muffled within the four walls of the house with the windows and doors shut, when every word was clearly heard in the radius of at least 5 meters around.

“How was your day son” his mother asked
Philipe remained quiet, he didn’t answer
“Your mother is asking you a question, reply her” the father barked
“Do you have to be told twice to answer one question” the father continued
“Stop shouting at him Patrick, don’t take your anger out on him”
Philipe interrupted “I would like to talk to both of you if its possible at a convenient time” they looked at each other and said nothing. Receiving no reply, he walked to his room, shutting the door behind him. He took out his phone and dialled Uncle Micheal’s number. Micheal was his fathers brother, very unlike his father, he was very understanding and someone who knew what Filipe was going through. He felt calmer and relaxed after half an hour, talking to his uncle always helped. He slept well that night.

The next morning, during breakfast seeing mom and dad not arguing or fighting, which was a rarity, he said “Mom, dad I would like to talk to both of you”.
Mom turned towards him while dad put the newspaper down..he continued “I have been dating Fedo…” dad interrupted “that clerk’s daughter”?
“Yes dad, Fedora. It doesn’t matter what her father’s occupation is. I love her and I wish to marry her. I have met her parents too, they want to meet my family…you and mom”
“huh!” as he lifted his paper and continued reading
“mom, will you come to meet her parents”?
“Yes son, surely. I am very happy for you, Fedora is a wonderful girl”
“Why does your mother have to go to their house, we are from the boys side…let them come here”
“because you don’t want to meet them dad, it will not look nice if they come over and you don’t come out”
“I need some time to think it over”
…but dad
“what’s the hurry? u don’t want to get married tomorrow right”

It was the first in a long time that Filipe could have a semblance of a conversation with his father. Though he did not show it, he felt happy within…he could finally sense a small ray of light. Were Fedora’s prayers actually working?…”I couldn’t love her enough” he said to himself

He picked up his bag, got into car and headed to work. He took out his phone from his bag and dialed Fedora
“hi Filipe”
“hey baby, I love you”
“wow, an early morning I love you today”?
“lets meet up lunch time ok”

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