Rainfall..almost non-stop


So the rains are here with a bang…no…no…no…I’m not complaining…I am absolutely loving it. To begin of with the roads are flooded, it seems that the drains are clogged. Time to keep my shoes in and bring the slippers out and play in the rain water. Getting soaked in the rain, having water splash on you from the vehicles and most importantly eating hot hot vada pao in the rainy season.
Yesterday evening, though it wasn’t pouring…there was a constant drizzle. I carried my umbrella…you know just in case it decides to pour. The drizzle doesn’t affect me too much so I don’t open my umbrella and walk with the umbrella in my hand.  About my umbrella, I had one of these Chinese ones you get in the shops all around.. the muti-colored ones. I am always for something multi-colored, one color or dual color is boring. One day a friend commented looking at the umbrella “dude that is such a gay umbrella” pointing at it, I was ‘eh’? why would he say something like that. Can umbrella’s be gay? he continued…that’s the flag of the gay community. OMG! I was using a gay umbrella all this time and I didn’t even know. I was very proud of my umbrella until then with its multi colors and all…umb
Ok, one thing you must know…I wasn’t very good with flags in school or college. I know a few flags, India, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, West Indies etc…that is only because I watch cricket matches on tv and the spectators are often waving flags…so something’s gonna stick..oh yes and the Pakistan flag too. How can I forget our good ol’ neighbors? So knowing what the color of the gay community flag is…is beyond me. Besides I had no interest in finding out until the day my friend enlightened me about the same.
Yesterday evening, my umbrella broke, the rain was pouring down and my umbrella wouldn’t open, when I finally managed to open it, it broke. Well so much for Chinese items, it did last for 3 rainy seasons before eventually breaking this year. Now that I know it is the same color as the gay community flag, I am glad it broke. Don’t want attracting the wrong kind of attention.

Time to buy a new umbrella then, lets see what’s my next choice gonna be…

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  1. So should we stop singing ‘ I want to break free ‘ because that is the gay anthem i heard ! How silly for some people to read too much into everything .

    1. Really!? I didnt know that either…!

  2. Wow, I’m surprised I didn’t know umbrellas had sexual preferences. Your friend is a smart cookie 😉 I love the rain too! It hardly ever rains here but when it does I can guarantee you will see a lady attempting wicked dance moves and failing miserably. I say this to everyone so I’m just going to tell you as well. DON’T THROW THINGS AT THE LADY. It’s really rude.

    1. I must just want to join in…tho’ my dancing skills is not something worth talking about 🙂

    2. Kerala ryt? Doesn’t rain there…? Really? Goa gets its rain from that direction…n its been raining non stop for 2 days now.

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