Well done Bangladesh Team


The Men in Blue were outplayed, first and second ODI. Going by the good form that Bangladesh have shown, I will not be surprised if they make it a clean sweep, which is truly deserving to the team on the upswing…Yes its Team Bangladesh. I’m not a great fan of the Bangladesh team but just the way they play their cricket, they are pretty much the team that seems to be doing most things right and being rewarded with success against good teams..first Pakistan and now India.

Who would ever think Bangladesh would be a force to reckon with on a cricket field? They are still very much in the learning stage but having made giant strides, especially in the one day format, expect some exciting times in Bangladesh cricket. They can definitely no longer be called the ‘minnows’. Defeating a struggling Pakistan 3-0 before hosting India (No 2 ranked), already 2-0 up, having won the series with one game  to go..they have finally arrived. Wonderful news for cricket in general. If I’m not mistaken Zimbabwe are putting together a few good performances as well, just that the results aren’t going their way. With the Indian team scheduled to tour Zimbabwe in July… who knows? Zimbabwe might just spring a surprise or two. Playing against India seems to get the best out of the opposition players. Not to degrade Team India, they did play some fantastic cricket in the world cup, but that’s history now! Look at their performance… the first series after the world cup (Not taking into consideration the IPL) against the no 8 ranked team and they are found wanting. Wait! they aren’t even playing on the kind of pitches one gets in Australia or England.

Team India needs some answers and they need them quickly. The questions are many and Team India is still trying to figure out what hit them.


Why is everyone in India saying that ‘India played bad cricket’, it would be better stated that ‘Bangladesh has played some excellent cricket’. It takes a lion hearted effort to defeat a batting line up which boasts of a Virat Kohli, M.S Dhoni, Rohit Sharma, Shikhar Dhawan etc. Though it does help when 3 out of the 4 batsman mentioned are out of form, but then again with India…there is nothing like ‘a batsman is out of form’ they are still played in the XI.

Let us not concentrate on Team India, but for Bangladesh who have played some excellent cricket thus far and hoping they continue the good work when they play the likes of Australia and South Africa.

No laughing matter!
No laughing matter! Virat’s indifferent form and MSD has seemed to have forgotten what batting is all about

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  1. I don’t regret not following the sports news these days 😉 I’m sure the Indian team is being bashed by the media currently!

    1. Yes they totally are…as expected always. Nothing new

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