the beginning of the end

It was a little under 76 hours that I finally opened my eyes, this piece of information given by the nurse who was present in the room when it happened.

“Ouch! that hurt” touching my head with my right hand…little did I realize it just wasn’t my head with the splitting ache but the fact that when I tried to lift my right hand, I was in pain more than I could handle.

Opening my eyes, I saw different people in the small room and a girl who was sitting next to me on my bed. I tried to speak…barely a couple of words “what happened here?”…the intended smile didn’t come out the way I wanted it to, for with every muscle that I tried to move, there was an unbearable pain that I felt. I lay on the bed motionless looking at the girl who was sitting by my side, she was crying. I said to myself “I must be really screwed up”

The people in the room slowly started to close in on me…I wasn’t quite ready and in a couple of seconds when they were all around me, I began to feel claustrophobic and in sheer panic I shut my eyes. I continued to hear voices, they were saying different things..but with every second that passed, the sound got fainter and fainter until it finally stopped.

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