the final visit

Today is the 4th day…we are all here with Savio, Rosie has bought apples along with her today, savio always loved eating apples, he always said ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’ how she wished that would happen today as well, Julia brought some biscuits and Shawn with Savio’s favorite chocolate swiss roll cake. Like everyday, everyone brought a bouquet of flowers, the girls while arranging the flowers in the room would go about talking to each other, as if Savio could hear everything they spoke and would want to add his 5 cents to the conversation

“it should not look like a hospital room”

“yeah, I hate hospitals…they are so depressing”

“of course princess, you were born for the palaces…not hospitals”

“I am here only for sav…otherwise…”

“does this tv even work?”

“what’s that smell ya..what do they wash this place with?”

(Meryl’s phone begins to ring) hi baby…

“oooooooo” someone’s boyfriend is calling….

“shutup ya…its dino ya”

“of course we know”

“HI DINO” (they all shout in unison, Meryl puts her phone on speaker mode)

“hi guys…you’ll do know that you are not allowed to make noise in a hospital right?”

“we are hoping savio wakes up hearing us”

“I’m going to sit next to sav” rewa screams from the corner

“you are all so mean, all of you disturbing my poor sav 🙁

(she places savio’s hands in hers playing with his fingers and stroking his palm, as if speaking in a language that he can understand through her hand movements. As she was stroking his palm, she felt his fingers move… she looked at savio “maybe I’m imagining things” though she hoped that she was wrong. She closed her eyes and whispered a silent prayer. His fingers moved again and caught hers

“guys, savio moved his fingers, come see…his fingers are around mine”

“call the nurse” announced ninoshka as shawn hurriedly went to search for the closest nurse on duty. By the time the nurse came in, savio began twiddling his toes and making more movements with his fingers, hands and legs….” Yes!!” she had tears in her eyes, Savio was finally waking up…

As Rewa continued to hold Savio’s palms in hers, she saw him slowly open his eyes…”Sav” she exclaimed as she planted a soft kiss on his cheek. She could sense that he was in obvious pain and that he was struggling to move.

Meanwhile the nurse went to call the doctor, everyone surrounded the bed…it had been 4 long days, we were all very excited to see savio finally open his eyes, all of us saying different things to get savio to listen to us as Rewa continued sitting next to him with tears rolling from her eyes, tears of joy to have her savio finally back.

“he’s closing his eyes” priyanka said

“c’mon dude, you slept enough”

“we missed you, talk to us…say something”

“I brought apples for you” holding an apple in her hand, Rosie said

Shawn noticed that Savio wasn’t opening his eyes, despite all our efforts to talk to him. The doctor arrived just as Shawn was to go and call him, the doctor told all of us not to crowd around the bed, as we all moved back.687474703a2f2f692e696d6775722e636f6d2f707747527169522e706e67

Rewa, looked nervous as her eyes suddenly fell on the machine which was standing by the side of the bed…after a few ups and downs on the monitor screen came a single line…

She quietly said, shaking her head “he’s gone…he’s gone…savio has left us and gone…”

Shaking him by his shoulders, trying to wake him up “Savio, wake up”….”wake up”, “you just can’t leave us just like that…

The doctor turned towards us and said, “I am sorry, but he’s no more”

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  1. What a tragic tale, such a happy moment came to a sudden end.
    Gripping story!

    1. I thought for a change from the love stories, I’d start killing people 🙂

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