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untitledWhat’s with barbers and conversations? My barber is a talkative guy…from the time you sit on his chair till the time he’s finished, he has probably already asked you like 20 questions of which he will stretch and ask you sub questions. These questions could be ranging from the weather to  your job (talk about it)  and even marriage (myself being still single in the early 30′, he’s inquisitive..and ends up giving advice on how to find the right girl, the do’s and dont’s basically). I always thought talking at parlours was more a woman thing, tho’ I have never entered a lady’s beauty salon but then I do suppose there is a lot of talking that is done there.

that would be me…

Thank God for the less hair on my head, that it doesn’t really need a lot of time to cut and I’d done in 10 minutes max. I also think the barbers should reconsider their pricing when it comes to cutting hair, its really not fair to charge the same amount to people who have like a bush growing on their head and another with hair just enough to cover their scalp…I mean come’on, be reasonable here! At the rate that hair keeps falling off these days, in a few years, there will be a whole generation of bald guys, with only head massages left to do…’the barbers’ could be an extinct species very soon. With new gadgets available in the market, I am sure we’ll find the head massages too, of course nothing like having your head massaged by hand-whole different experience.

…besides I guess growing long hair is a woman thing…according to me, long hair on a man is as weird as chest hair on a 6234869681_c4d7210abawoman…just saying!! not to say that all men are hairy, some men are as bare as woman when it comes to chest hair. Like I heard from a friend of mine, she said “Women like hairy men, it gives us something extra to stroke… 🙂 We’re not talking of Anil Kapoor levels… 🙂 that guy has got hair practically everywhere!

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  1. That’s a lot to write on about hair! 😉

    1. Considering we really don’t have much…n getting lesser by the month 😊

  2. A post on hair is rare 😀 And I understand when you say about the rates. It should be based on inches or cms.

    1. See, you’re a smart girl Ranjini. Now come n talk to my barber 😊

      1. All the way to Goa? 😛

        1. Well my dear, how far are you from Goa…you’re not in Switzerland…are you? I think u last told me you were in Tamil Nadu. Ok, let me make this trip more meaningful….I’ll throw in a lunch and a sight seeing trip. ..now how’s that?

    2. You’re into rhyming too? Hair-Rare 😊

      1. Haha not always. I did notice that though. 😀

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