Boredom and Rubik’s cube

2000px-Rubik's_cube.svgI bought one of Rubik’s cubes on a train journey… I was bored and with nothing else to do, this I thought would be a good option of getting rid of my boredom Not that I would be able to get the colors together in like an 8 hour journey, I think i’d need more than just a few hours to get this thing together.

As of now it lies on my table …with mom and dad and practically everyone who likes colors taking turns to try out their luck…let’s see when I get stuck in another session of boredom to go back to Rubik’s cube.

…O’ yes, I forgot to mention, my laptop has not been functioning for over a month now and its a terrible phase i’m going through right now 🙁 Its been in repair for like forever and the best part is, the ‘so called’ authorized Toshiba technicians are not able to detect the problem. That’s a new one! What next… a new laptop? No idea…well let’s see how much I can get out of this one, that is if it comes back to me in working condition.

How many of you reading this has successfully completed Rubik’s cube? Any tips? All  I do is turn the colors around…not really getting anywhere, it does keeps me occupied tho’…till I find something else to do.

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  1. I once bought one out of boredom while travelling and by the end of a couple of hours I wanted to rip it apart and burn each and every little tiny coloured squares…I guess you can imply from this, that I have never been able to figure out that little bright monster till now. :p

    1. Let’s shake hands…we are one of a kind…

  2. I could do with a little craziness in my life… 🙂 you could be that answer 🙂

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