What good is earning Money…if we don’t spend it fruitfully?

Indian rupeeWe all earn MONEY

We all love to spend MONEY

We all save MONEY

…but what if we strike the right balance of saving and spending the money we earn, in a way that it doesn’t really take us on a guilt trip after we’ve spent a huge chunk of our savings…and reaching back home checking our account statements and saying to ourselves… “Gawd! I’ve spend so much” and then as days goes by you try to save on the little things you would otherwise buy but now because you are on ‘Save Mode’ you avoid.

Relax! Money is earned, to spend…and why not?

We basically have three kinds of people, the rich who throw money around like no ones business, the poor who don’t have enough to feed themselves and “Us” the middle people who have enough money…not too less, not too much but don’t really know what to do with it when it comes to using it wisely. We focus on the ‘Us’… the middle people

Everybody dreams of a better life, a nice vacation, a few certain luxuries, but then our salaries never match our expectations. Can we still have the things we wish for? Of course we can…let me take myself for example. I am no fat-earning-salary-worker. I work not to earn money but to remain happy in the job that I take up. Of course money is the bonus I get at the end of the month for the service I lend and it helps me with my everyday needs. My salary goes into an account which part of goes into savings, another part into everyday expenditure and a chunk of it into a special part which I call “A-Treat-Myself-Quota’. I don’t segregate money into different accounts…and tho’ it seems that I may be mis-managing my money, I am actually planning the best way to use it when required.

What do I do?

Step 1: I am in a constant state of planning, a plan is always there and it is always surrounded with the idea of travelling within the state or country.

Step 2: Keeping myself updated with bookings / places to visit / fares and in touch with people related to travel etc

Step 3: Execution: Right Place, Right Time and bammm! I am off…

A colleague of mine often tells me, “I get very jealous of you, that you travel often, how do you manage it?”. Well the key is to have several small holidays rather that have that one big holiday, that way it keeps you moving and thinking ahead, of course a certain plan is required.

A holiday is time away from work and the mundane life you live back in your house, hence keep 3 things in mind when on a holiday

-> roam around in local transport or walk around. Have a feel of the place you are in. What’s fun in always travelling by taxi around….so boring!

-> talking with the local people helps with knowledge of good restaurants/hotels (the small hotels normally serve the tastiest of local cuisines) , good and cheaper accommodation and fun things to do.

-> switch off your cell phone, you don’t want your colleagues at work irritating you with news from the office. Your cell phone on holidays is a tool for entertainment – internet and music.

The idea is… A holiday should be enjoyed…tho’ money will be spent, but when you return back home, you should feel that every rupee spent was worthwhile.

… and that’s when you realize the actual joy of earning money is not in the saving but in the spending it on something that you love doing… in my case, travelling. 1

Travelling makes me happy…and every rupee I spend on it, gives me a joy I cannot put into words.

There’s another plan brewing in my head…to see snow, real snow, play in the snow…Himachal Pradesh and surrounding areas…now that’s gonna be fun!! So much fun 🙂

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  1. I am inspired! I want to borrow your happy-spending-me idea. May I, please? 🙂

      1. thank you so much! 😛

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