…its gotta be simply Cliff Richard


Many great singers have come and gone, but this singing legend keeps going on and on…and we’d like him to carry on for a few more years. All you need are good speakers at home, with Cliff Richard’s songs playing through them…sheer bliss…a wonderful way to spend the weekend.

Cliff Richard…am a huge fan of his music. He’s 74 and does he possess a good voice or what!!?? I’ve downloaded just a couple of his concerts and on the way to downloading a few more. I have a cousin who is a huge fan of his music, works for me coz he goes about on finding Cliff’s best concerts on the internet and downloading them…I do the easier part and copy them on my hard drive for my personal copy.

I can never tire listening to this man sing. This one particular concert “Still Reelin’ and A-Rockin” is worth a listen. He gets better with time, the above concert been held on his New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Manila, UK, Israel tour of 2013.

Someone, invite this guy to India to have a concert here. I think he’s way overdue for an Indian tour. I’m sure he has like a million fan followers in this amazing country.

Currently watching Cliff Richard’s concert ‘Time Machine’… You have that one person in every family who looks after the music department, in mine…that would be me, if you haven’t figured that out by now 🙂

Good day People! 🙂 🙂

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