A dog…definitely the cuter pet

There are cat people and there are dog people, I neither own a dog nor a cat but have played with both. Personally, I love dogs…they are way cuter and smarter than cats. Today evening while I was on the beach for my normal evening walk/light jog, I saw a couple with their small daughter playing with their dogs puppy I guess, it was like the cutest puppy ever. puppyThough he was brought along for a walk on the beach, he was more interested in meeting people. I picked him up and then he licked my face…u see I don’t have people licking my face everyday… I guess he could be trying to send me a message, gather information about me, or simply keeping me clean. I held this cute puppy only for a minute or two in my arms and it was the best 2 minutes of my entire day. My phone is normally in the car, so missed out an opportunity of a picture with him.

… however a little earlier in the evening while I was leaving my house, under the car was a puppy. I really didn’t see it…I put my car into gear and as I reversed the vehicle, I heard the cry of a puppy. I immediately knew I did something, I might have injured the little fella. On seeing the little fella’ not able to walk, my heart sank a little…but I swear I didn’t do it intentionally. I wouldn’t hurt a butterfly, and a puppy – no way.

I was later told by my mom when I returned back home, that the little puppy didn’t make it.
I’m sorry, little puppy 🙁

I’ll be a little careful next time, not to repeat the mistake again.

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  1. You could have taken the pup to a vet. There are NGOs also.

    1. I can’t stop thinking about this. If there is a next time at all, please remember that accident happens. But what you do after is very important. I feel upset that you did not take the pup to a doctor.

  2. I too feel sorry for the puppy 😟

  3. Awwww. The pups are just so so lovely. . O too long to have a little one ..

    1. Himali, I live in a flat… so keeping a pet in a flat is never a great idea, tho’ I’d love to have a dog someday. There are like the best buddies one could have…and the best part they are very understanding too 🙂

      1. Exactly. I too live in an apartment alone and it’s not feasible to pet a puppy. But someday for sure, I will have a dog 🙂

        1. alone, does make it better 🙂 they are absolutely lovable…im sure it will be no trouble at all. He would also make great company…better than any human being.. I can assure 🙂

          1. Wow. Sounds amazing.. but I am concerned that when I leave for office for 9 to 10 hours, I can’t leave him alone locked in a house naa.. 😯

          2. yup…that’s a concern…that’s bad 🙁

          3. …and btw nice dimple 🙂 I am a huge fan of ‘the dimple’ … I’m like a huge fan of those who possess one 🙂 tho’ I’d like to be friends rather that just a fan 🙂

          4. Awww… I am blushing now !! 🙂 And ofcourse we are friends !! 😀
            But I have only 1 dimple – on left cheek :/

          5. one will do himali… 🙂 2 is like a bonus 🙂 u must be the centre of attraction among your guy friends 🙂

  4. We had a dog called Tricsy when I was little. I loved her more than anything in the world. They’re the best pet. I’m sorry for the incident. I know you didn’t mean to but I wish it hadn’t happen. Can I be honest and tell you I’m super upset with you for not being careful.

    1. I was upset with myself…I wouldn’t hurt any animal.

      1. I can understand. That’s why I’m upset not furious. Dogs are one of my favorite living creature.

    2. Cockroaches don’t fall in that bracket…I hate them

      1. Me too. I’m more terrified.

        1. A cockroach in sight is bad…the problem is when it disappears…eeks!

          1. Oh no no no..! The thought itself gave me chills. Let’s just not talk about them. Bad bad topic. Ugh..!

          2. 😊😊 yes bad topic. You might have nightmares 😀😀

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