3 Day Quote Challenge : Day 2

UntitledlΒ Today is the second day of the 3 Day Quote Challenge. My Quote for today is something I relate to almost on a daily basis.


To cite a simple example during my college days. It was a Monday I remember and I was burning with high fever. I called up my friend Ruth (I had like the biggest crush on her during college) and told her I could not come to college coz of my situation, she was like “don’t be such a girl, staying at home just because of a small fever”. In the next 10 minutes, I dressed up, caught the next available bus and went to college. She was surprised to see me in class, touched my forehead and said “are you crazy? You’re burning with fever…why did you come?” (mann hi mann mein laddoo phoota – she touched my forehead ~ yipeeee!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

“coz I am a guy” I replied πŸ™‚ she smiled and said “stupid” πŸ˜€ Those were sweet memories, how I would love to re-live each one of them πŸ™‚

11 thoughts on “3 Day Quote Challenge : Day 2

  1. Aww! Weren’t you super eager to prove your masculinity at such a tiny age? πŸ˜› I can make my cousin brother, who is 6, eat leaves and do silly things by messing around with the “If you are a boy, do it” dialogue. It’s fun πŸ˜› and he’s a monster so it helps to calm him down too.

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