3 day Quote Challenge : Day 3

3 day Quote challenge,


So today is the last day of the Quote Challenge, let me take this opportunity and thank Sonali again for this challenge. With today’s quote, I successfully complete the challenge 🙂

My Quote for today is:


This quote states that being honest will likely cost you a number of friends. Telling people the hard truths will offend some… but that’s OK. If they walk out of your life in a huff, even better…and then you come along some friends who are for keepers ~

~ Not that I like counting too much, but when you have them in single digits, it isn’t really difficult to keep track of them. The count would be 3, Deepti (Miss National), Crystal (Miss International) & Prema (Miss Local) would be the three very special ones in my life…and I love them all equally <3 I am not surprised at all that they are all girls.

bye guys, cya on the other side of another challenge ~ ~ ~

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  1. So true… lovely quote… 🙂

  2. Indeed it will.
    Me and my best friend are like one of those people who’ll slap other person for killing someone and still help them bury the corpse in the woods.(Not literally, you know what I mean.!) It’s important to have someone honest who wouldn’t sugarcoat too much.

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