the what-do-I-mean-to-her dilemma

Does she see me as boyfriend material? Husband material maybe? Or maybe she just takes me as her friend… nanotechnology-dilemma-videos

In today’s world, there are women who want all kinds of things from ‘us’ guys:

There are women who want us as just a friend
There are women who want us, as a prospective boyfriend
There are women who want us, as a possible husband
There are women who want us, for a round of hot, raunchy sex
There are women who want us for some other reason (parties, business, etc.)
There are women who want nothing to do with us whatsoever

Most women will only want ‘us’ for one of these things, very rarely will they be interested in more than one of these things.

…the worst part of it is, they never say anything. How are we supposed to know what we mean to them? We can’t read minds, not even the subtle hints they give. Many times, we don’t even pick up a hint, let alone a subtle one. Yet we somehow seem to get along, don’t we?

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  1. I wish I could help you! But honestly, I don’t entirely know what I want myself let alone what other ‘fellow’ women want. 😉

    1. …when you figure it out, lets meet and talk about it 😀

      1. There is a better chance of me finding the key to eternity than unraveling the minds of women. Or men. Or animals. Honestly, sometimes this stray cat in my hostel has this smirk on his face. He must be thinking of various fun ways of trying to infect me with whatever he has for stopping him from devouring a crow. Not that I like crows or anything. But I was swinging around my friend’s racket and accidentally clipped it’s wing. So obviously I had to make sure the silly stupid cat didn’t take advantage and that the crow got out safe.

        1. Why were you swinging ur friends racket..?

          1. I was happy. So I was just swinging it around and singing silly songs. :$

          2. Thank God it was only a racket..a cricket bat could have knocked off the head.

  2. We guys don’t know what we want either. We’ll always be kids. And you what? I don’t mind. I used to hide it and pretend I was an “adult”. A least I made an effort to do so 🙂
    But nowadays I will tell anyone who wants to hear it that I’m still a kid. I’m contradicting myself…I know this 1 thing for sure it seems….wanting to stay young. People accept us how we are. If they don’t? Their bad. I stopped thinking about what women could want from us. No expectations no disappointments! Live life!

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