Eid Mubarak


Happy Eid to my Muslim friends, among my followers, friends and practically all who visit my blog

Eid of course doesn’t mean much to me, but for their biryani 🙂 Sorry for sounding so desperate for the biryani…but seriously, if there is anyone who can cook Biryani the way its supposed to be cooked, it is our muslim brothers and sisters…the aroma of the biryani is enough to get everyone running to the kitchen to have their fill.

maxresdefaultWith me exercising, walking, running and doing all sorts of things trying to lose weight, still managed to catch up on a little bit of well cooked chicken from a muslim neighbor, and guess what, all we have to do in return is wish them ‘Eid mubarak’ 🙂

Though my dad does like to give a small token of appreciation, basically a small gift for Eid 🙂 my sister and myself are content on finishing what was brought.

“sheer khorma”

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  1. Hahaha, I am like you…concentrating more on finishing my task 😋

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