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I am a big fan of most things that women do, like cooking for example, how they manage their house and career at the same time..the multi tasking stuff that they can handle so well, even the pain they endure at child birth, however when it comes to driving, cars especially, I am the first one to say…

Old+women+drivers_499de0_3152705WOMEN DON’T MAKE GOOD DRIVERS, actually they make terrible drivers..from giving indications to speed to know-when-to-press-the-brake or simply reversing.

I know as a women, if you are reading this…you will agree, or will you? (I’m not really sure) I mean, I seriously don’t understand, when women can do most things well, some even better than men, how difficult is it to drive a car. I mean all it takes is to start the ignition and let your legs control the speed-clutch-brake, that’s about it and stop where you are required to.

My first ever accident involved a woman, who suddenly decided to press the brake of her car in the middle of the road and myself being at 40km/hr could not make the last minute adjustment and banged into the back side of her car. Like always, in India..the male driver was blamed for really no fault of mine.

The second instance where I came close to having another accident, was when my sister was learning to drive in our new women-drivers-out-number-men-drive-less-lead-2012-12-13car and sitting besides her (reluctantly) was me. She decided to take a turn at 60km/h…I had my heart in my mouth and I pulled the emergency brake to have the car stop in the middle of the road. Again, people around kept accusing me of not teaching her to drive properly.

I have been driving 15 years now, and I just have that one accident to my name…wait! there was another one…but nothing major, the side view mirror hit another speeding vehicle and scratched the car 🙁 other than that I am one of the safest drivers around.

What prompted me to write a blog post about this…?

Today as I was getting into my car after my jog at the beach, the car parked next to me was driven by a girl who was making her way out the same time I was. As I kept watching what she did before she actually turned the ignition on was hilarious

1. adjusted her dress as she got into her seat… ok! fine…we understand, things need to be in place 😉

2. looked in the mirror to set her hair… right! that seems logical

3. searches for her hand bag and takes something out… no idea what!!

4. closes handbag

5. looks to my side and smiles… I smile back (the key is still not put into the ignition mind you!)

6. looks for the key

7. puts on her headlights…turns it off (possibly realizes that she hasn’t turned the ignition on)

8. Turns on ignition and she’s ready to roll.

Wow!! Well I followed her right up to the city as I was heading in the same direction. The speed at which she was  driving at was a different story, I wasn’t in a hurry to reach home anyway. She did have a good car, one of the latest cars in the market I suppose, I could do with a car like that 🙂 but life does not work that way… does it?

She didn’t look a shade over 25, pretty little thing 🙂

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  1. Here in the US, it’s hard to get a license, and road rules are harsh. Womne may not know how to fix a car, but we know the rules, and we’re more careful than men drivers. It’s seldom that we get into accidents. ( although I don’t have the stats to prove my point, LOL )

    1. That’s good Renex 😊 do u drive?

        1. 🙂 one of the better ‘female’drivers I hope 🙂

          1. I’d like to believe I’m a good driver. My Mom thinks so, too. She feels safe with me. ( and not with my sister and brother ) ^^

  2. I am a big rule follower and I have noticed that annoys a lot of men. I follow speed limits, brake appropriately, turn correctly. People with lack of patience really get annoyed with me. Lol. But I do confess getting distracted by a cute dog on the road or my fav store. Haha. I also confess about putting lipstick and mascara in the car. 💁🏻😀

    1. BTW, what do you drive??

      1. I drive a car of course, bikes are not meant for me…way too risky with the 2 wheelers, taking local conditions into consideration. I may be a tad fast but ALWAYS in control….brake in time, overtake when needed and the HORN, how we Indians love pressing the horn 😉
        It could be for any random reason, see a beautiful girl on the road…small beep…wanna say hi to the driver in the next car…beep beep…and of course if someone is driving too slow we go like… beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep till that driver either gets out of the way 😉 and yes, we sometimes signal with our eyes…and a slight head movement 🙂

    2. thank you for the confession 🙂 Rules are meant to be broken, certainly in India…c’mom who drives under 40kmph on a highway!!? Its not always about patience…

      1. That’s why India is sadly known for horrific traffic. Sorry for the bluntness. But that’s what happens with the total disregard for rules. Drunk driving, accidents, deaths. And I do drive easily at 75 mph on the freeway when safe. I would rather love than worry about someone judging me.

        1. yeah true…but well we don’t drive to avoid accidents, we drive to reach a destination, however quickly we can 🙂

  3. :O Women are good drivers!
    P.S. Ignore my post of my mishaps.

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