Going Commando

…no no not me. It has been a rainy day all of today and it still hasn’t stopped…it’s almost 2pm.

Getting to the topic…I don’t know if ‘going commando‘ is a term many Indians use, let alone practice. However today at the Cavelossim beach, 2 girls on the beach playing in the sea with heavy rain falling and general public on the beach. This girl was  wearing tight white shorts, and I need not say what water does to clothes when they get in contact with each other…the cloth sticks to the skin and that’s when it happened..and yes another thing you’d want to trim a little down there, isn’t it better that way?..you know presentation wise 😉 if you are deciding to go commando on any particular day with white shorts on.

These things of course don’t hit my eyes first..but then when brought to my notice by fellow Indians on the beach and I turned around to see. It really wasn’t hard to miss…I mean wearing shorts is one thing but a darker shade would have been advisable if you’re deciding to ‘go commando’ on any particular day. Such a pretty girl, but such a  bad decision…all I was interested was in her wet hair…it drives me crazy ‘a girls wet hair’ i.e.

Her friend had brown shorts on…that could have given  her a hint maybe. Nobody was complaining tho’ 🙂


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