A connection in the making..maybe!?

Time Period: Roughly 21 minutes7637836552_fb1a6b1b85

Location: Crossword Bookstore

Temperature: Cool to Chilling

Browsing books at my favorite section in a bookstore – Fiction, Indian and International. The stories I always enjoy reading, Nicholas Sparks one of my favorite authors. A bookstore is my second home, I can spend hours in one. I think I am the only one at the bookstore. Looking around, on the opposite side, she is flipping through the pages of a novel …to me she is just a stranger.

We are busy doing our own thing. No, I don’t need to speak to her, I told myself, she is just another person, a book lover I suppose as I opened the novel I had been holding in my hand now for the past 7 minutes and began reading. I couldn’t read much as after every second sentence I read, I had the urge to look up at the opposite direction. She seems engrossed in reading that novel. Why do I bother? I tried to look engrossed in my novel too with one eye on her. She’s fiddling with her phone while she holds the book in her hand. Is she waiting for someone to call? Is she thinking what I am thinking? Yeah ryt! like she has no other better things to do, I tell myself. I look at her again, this time she looks too and our eyes meet. No, I don’t smile neither does she.

Am I just going to let this moment pass by? What would it hurt to ask her name? Damn! I have this opportunity to meet someone and I have the whole space and time to myself, we were only surrounded by books. Were the books trying to tell me something? We go about doing our own business, maybe she wants to talk too…or maybe she’s waiting for me to make the first move. She seems so busy, I don’t want to bother her but then that’s bothering me. I want to initiate a conversation, who knows I might never see her again.connection

Do we really have a connection? What is it that is driving me to talk to her? I am hardly 5 lines into the novel, for some odd reason, I am trying very hard to establish a connection with the bespectacled girl, the stranger, the only other person in the bookstore, now on the other side. I stand there a few more seconds thinking to myself, have I met this person before? We share another moment where both our eyes meet.

Should I go or should I stay? How difficult is it to make a simple decision like that?

Have you ever bumped into a complete stranger and felt a connection?

But before I know it, she begins to walk away towards the door

“Hey” I say softly, she stops to turn back running her fingers through her hair

I walk towards her “Hi, I’m Savio”

…she smiles

5 Replies to “A connection in the making..maybe!?”

  1. I love stories that begin in a bookstore which is like my second home. A hope to all us bookworms out there 😉
    My friends find shirtless guys flexing their muscles sexy. For me, that’s someone holding a book that I love (extra points if it’s by Sidney Sheldon). 😛

    1. Yeah pretty much. People who read books are way too sexy…especially girls who read.

      1. You know I knew it all along, behind all the early morning drools, the toothpick like body shape and the frizzy Frankenstein hair there was a part of me that was sexy. 😛

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