~ The most popular girl in college is still single – FACT
~The most un-popular guy in college is still single – EXPECTED
~ 17 years down the line, the two meet via a proposal, girl and boy meet for a prospective marriage – SURPRISING
~ Girl marries boy – TOTALLY UNEXPECTED
~ and then the college RE-UNION happened

Her name is …ummm, lets call her Stella. Lets call him Noel.

(Reading the newspaper) “Honey look, our college is having a grand RE-UNION ‘the 97, 98 and 99 batch’, that’s our batch ryt?” A full page invitation…
“I’m in the bathroom baby”
(after 15 minutes, wiping her hair) “what is that you were saying before?”
(her eyes falling on the open newspaper on the table)…a college RE-UNION?
“Do we really have to go for it?”
“Of course sweetheart, we must…just imagine meeting all our old classmates and besides it will be fun”
“okay if you say when is it?”
“14th February, 10 days from now”

Stella wasn’t very happy on Noel’s insistence on going for the re-union. There were certainly more than a few memories that would come rushing back on meeting old friends. She had lived that life and that was her past and knowing her friends, she knew this wasn’t going to be a great idea. However she loved Noel a lot and did not want to hurt him. She decided to go. Noel however loved the idea when he first read about it on the newspaper, this would be his chance to drop the tag of the most unpopular guy in college, he was of course married to the most popular girl in college.

14th February 2015, 8pm.
Back at the D’Costa residence

“Hey honey, its already 8…are you ready?”
“In a minute, I will”
(As she walks out into the living room) “I’m ready”
“Wow, my lady is dressed to kill” (he kisses her on the cheek)
“lets go”

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  1. I hope you can tell us what happens at the reunion.

    1. I’ve never attended a reunion myself in reality, it would have to take all of my imagination for it renew 😊

      1. I guess I’ll make my own ending, lol. …. a nice, satisfying one.

        1. I have an idea. ..just need to work on it a little more 😊

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