Old connections…

Location: Auditorium, Valley View College of Arts & Commerce
Event: The Re-Union
Time: 8.30pm


On entering the huge gates of VVC after all these years, I realized how life has changed so much for all of us from the days of fun and enjoyment to the monotonous lives of working professionals…what hasn’t changed though, are the huge walls of this college. “I wonder when this college last got a quote of paint?” I pointed out to a side wall which had paint peeled off its wall. “Adds to its antique look” replied Noel.

We were welcomed by two young boys, looked liked current students of the college. We were told to sign on a special book for our attendance and given a badge for to us to wear on our outfits throughout the function. I was no 113 while Noel was 114. There were already more than a 100 people inside…wow!
As we were continued towards the campus, 2 cars one after the other enter the gates. Two girls coming out of the first car, handing over the keys to the parking valet walking towards us, signing on the book, join us walking in.
“hey babes” looking towards me “Stella in Saree? Now that’s new”
“hi..heyyy” Harriet..Tracy
“you recognized us after all these years, so good to see ya”
“never forget a face, so you girls kept in touch for all these years?”
“actually, we’re together”
“as lesbians” Noel butted in
“Yes, a couple”
“Btw, this is Noel, my husband” Stella said. You remember Noel, don’t you?”
“We do? (thinking a little bit) O’ yeah yeah we do..we certainly do, now don’t we trace?”
“can we get in, I’d love to meet the others” and they proceed

“Lesbians…huh! How is that I don’t remember them?”
“leave it Noel, lets go inside”
“Wow, someone is in a mighty hurry, I thought I was the more eager one”
they hurriedly make it inside, a few others had already walked passed them.

By the time they made it into the auditorium, there were several announcements being made on the mic, everybody was buzzing with activity. People hugging, others dancing, a few guys were by the bar side. I saw Mr Pires, our Economics professor on the other side of the hall, we decided to go to wish him, on the way a few of Noel’s friends pulled him in a different direction, he signalled for me to carry on. Standing along with Mr Pires, was Mrs Banerjee our maths Teacher and Mr Desai, our statistics sir, my three favorite teachers.

“remember me sir?”
“of course my girl, Stella. We met mostly outside the class” 🙂 and they both laughed together
“but I did come out no 2 in Economics”
“Yes and I still don’t know how you managed it”

moving on to meet the other teachers, Sir Dessai was next

“Sir Dessai”
“Stella, how are you? Congratulations, I heard you got married recently, I met your friends Harry and her friend, I forgot her name”
“Harriet and Tracy”
“Yes them, strange girls”
(smiles) “thankyou Sir”
“where is your husband? Didn’t he come?”
“he’s around, he met his friends

“The evening was still young, meeting teachers and bumping into old friends. Noel was no where to be found. Stella went to one corner of the hall and tried calling him.The phone kept ringing but there was no response, she felt someone touch her on her shoulder from behind “Hi sweetheart” the voice said “I’d know i’ll find you here”

“Stevenson” she said as he gave her a warm embrace.
“stewie for you”

that hug, after all these years. It felt good…a good 5 Mississippi’s 🙂

“Oh well! Look! the ol’ time lovers ‘stewie & stella’ commented Ana passing by as stella broke away from his embrace
“your hubby darling was looking out for you” to a very surprising look, given by Steve
Somewhere on the other side of the Auditorium

“guys, what are we doing here? you know I don’t drink”
“gotta show you something, check out those hot girls man” Abhishek said
“dude, those are not girls, they are women”
“Oh yeah, I forgot you got married to the hottest girl or should I say ‘woman’ of the college”
“relax, that’s my wife you are talking about guys”

“you just got lucky with her”

“so where is she? why aren’t you with her?” Martin asked.

The truth is she got stuck with you dude, you were her last option”
“it wasn’t like that…whatever.. why am I even wasting my time talking to a bunch of losers” as he lit a cigarette and went out for a smoke

“and they call themselves friends” he mumbled to himself

“some party, ain’t it..same ol’ people, stupid old stories, same bloody lousy music” the girl standing with a glass of coke in her hand. Clearly bored of the party, with everyone re-igniting old connections.
“yeah ryt, some poeple never change”
“hey, you’re Denise right? Stella’s best friend”
“yeah and you are Stella’s husband, congratulations buddy. Where is Stella btw?” I’ve not met that girl for like ages after she left college suddenly midway last semester
“she went to meet her teachers, maybe caught up with some friends too”
“…and you’re here puffing a cigarette?”

they got along chatting for sometime, when finally Noel stood up “I’m gonna look for Stella”
Denise saw a light was flashing from Noel’s pocket “Isn’t that your phone flashing” pointing towards his shirt pocket
“Oh yes! I kept it on silent”..its Stella
As he was about to say hello into the phone speaker, he heard;
“Hi sweetheart, I’d know i’ll find you here” “Stevenson” “stewie for you”
“Do you know who Stevenson is?” he asked Denise
Denise didn’t want to say, she remained silent. She figured out that Steve might have found Stella… Noel got up and went in search for his wife.

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  1. Old flame ! Sh*t’s gonna happen, pardon my language. lol

  2. Yikes! What happens next?! I’m going to choke erm..I mean politely try to change your mind if you end it here.

    1. Nothing’s even happened as yet but for an innocent hug…or was it?

      1. I hate you. I have always been told I’m too curious for my own good.

        1. that’s not supposed to be a good thing right? 😊😀😀😊

          1. It’s not going to be a good thing for you if you don’t complete that story. 😉 😛

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