last time -> something new -> first time

When was the last time you did something new for the first time?

cf5cd2_30c1d8123fd170644ed940baaff18387Children do it every day. Adults tend to conform to routine…and then there’s me, who is neither a child nor an adult (well I’m still a child at heart)

I love doing it, not as regularly as children would, but at times that people least expect it.

Trying something new means possibly making mistakes, failing, wasting time. It also means expanding horizons, fulfilling dreams, building confidence. Well I love all of it..what is life if you don’t make a few mistakes along the way and anyways this is my life to lead…and I’ll do it JUST MY WAY

Size, Importance, the kind of effect it has on you and those around you… Do you have a tale to share, coz I certainly do. I always do, don’t I? 😉

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