the final say

“Come, I ‘d like to talk to you…but not in here” Steve held Stella’s hand and they walked towards the long corridor, away from all the music.
Stella and Steve walked side by side, her hand still being held firmly by Steve. They were doing the silent walk, until they reached the corridor overlooking into the garden.

“Let’s sit on those benches, just like the old times”

“It’s not the same Steve, why are you doing this to me?”

“What am I doing? You are the one who moved on and got married Stella” now facing each other seated comfortably on the metallic bench in the school garden. He continued “What changed so suddenly?”

It was a breezy night and every time a gust of wind blew, Stella’s hair would fall on her face and every time it did she would gently tuck it behind her ears. It was at least the 6th time she did it in the past 5 minutes. The next time the wind blew, Steve leaned forward towards Stella, close enough to hear her breathing heavily and tucked her hair behind. It was always magic when Steve got so close. It was as if it was a reflex action, Stella moved forward and found her lips on Steve’s.

“Why did you do that?”

“What did I do now?” he smiled, you kissed me 🙂

“You came so close”

Steve wrapped his arms around Stella “I missed you” he said, instinctively she did the same

“I should have neverr…….”




It is strange when you write a fictional story…something that originates from basically a thought, giving it a form of a short story and then someone tells you…

“What is this?” showing me a printout of the above story..she continues

“this is exactly my story, how could you make it public…and how the hell did you know, you weren’t even there?”

“Wait a minute! This is your story? (smiling)


“so why is it exactly you are telling me this for?”

“you made it public”

“Ok wait! How was I supposed to know? I really didn’t and I am probably the last person to be bothered about other people’s lives when I have lots to deal with my own stuff”

“Oh really”… and she stormed off

…but it does make me happy, that the stupid thoughts that come to my mind are real life stories too…I must be good! 

So the short story which I begun writing titled “The Re-Union” & subsequently a continuation with “Old connections” stays in-complete, letting imagination to take over from this point onwards…

The best part is I don’t even know what happened in the real-life version 😉 I wonder if it was as interesting as I was planning to  make it…

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