High Maintenance

Talk of women being high maintenance!! Owning a laptop is equally expensive, if not more. I don’t think I’ve spent enough on myself, that I’ve done on my laptop.

It’ not even been more than 10 years that I’ve been using a laptop but I have already exchanged my first one for the one I currently have – A TOSHIBA, not before making a survey for the best, in terms of reliability, functionality and of course price…after all I didn’t want to repeat the mistake I made with my previous laptop – An Acer, I had some of the most terrible times, after it finally decided to stop responding all together…it finally gave way in the form of a white screen…nothing could be viewed on the screen that day forward. That was the end of that – Repairing it wasn’t an option for the kind of service it gave me.

2c205361b8cab4f8c5240a4987a1c3abA month or so later, Toshiba was born..having given me really good service for 3 years now…it has lately started acting funny!! I will be completing 4 years soon…and I’ve already replaced the RAM, the CD drive, the Hard Disk, the battery…Well what’s left? A month or so before it found a new way to irritate me…it would suddenly freeze in between and switch off. Having given it to the Service Centre, they called back to say nothing was wrong with it after a week of ‘checking’ it. They were 3 other well known ‘so-called’computer specialists, but they too could not detect what the problem was.

It was only yesterday that I saw a pamphlet in the newspaper of a new computer repairing venture opened and I decided to give it a try, at the most I would get my laptop back without being repaired and there was nothing to lose

…and what do you know!!! He detected the problem…it took a youngster in his  20’s to find the problem. But then he came back with two more problems that he detected. He solved one and found two more, my keyboard is apparently malfunctioning due to moisture, so that needs replacement now (I would be doing it for the 3rd time) …some key aren’t working and yeah the battery is screwed again!

Oh well!! The saga continues…thousands over thousands, I surely have spent a fair bit of my salary on maintaining this laptop..but then again it’s a necessity…

…and they say Women are high maintenance!!

I’ve used the On-Screen Keyboard to type this…quite a job! At least I got to do something new 😉

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