Roy’s First Massage – The session

I arrived at the spa 15 minutes ahead of schedule. The girl at the counter smiled at me, she must be Melissa I had been talking to for two weeks (smiling sheepishly to himself)
Looking at my direction “Mr Roy”
“Yes, that’s me”
“Before you have your massage, I would need you to fill up these forms, just a little medical background and some information so your masseuse will serve you as best they can”. I took the clipboard from her and took a seat thinking over of the general health questions and the questionnaire that asked me to pinpoint my stress areas. I started poking myself in a few places to see where I might be feeling stressed..hmmm I wondered can I just tick all? I finished up all the wierd  questions and handed it all back to Melissa.
I asked Melissa, what later I thought was the most stupidest question ever “Will you be massaging me?”
She smiled back, sensing a very tensed look on my face, no Sir but Nancy will be in charge of you for this session.
“thank you” taking out his handkerchief from his pocket and wiping his face.
Sir, your massage table is ready, “Please follow me.” I followed her through the dimly lit hallway to a room that was equal in lighting. Soft sounds of waterfalls and rainforest animals played in the background. This is Nancy, she will guide you from this point on wards. Nancy pointed to the decadently covered massage table.
OMG! Nancy was hot!! She was tall, long hair…she spoke, bringing me out my fantasies about my sexy masseuse to a halt.
“Undress, and then lay down on your stomach under the sheets” she turned to leave giving me her 100 watt smile  “Relax!”

I nervously disrobed until I was fully nude, assuming it a crime if I left a stitch of clothing on. After all this was about being relaxed. I had trouble keeping Jr in control, well I couldn’t blame him, it was his first time too. I got under the sheet and laid quietly waiting for Nancy to join me. I heard a soft knock on the door and I yelled “Its safe!” I heard the door swing open and shut and the sound of footsteps pad softly towards me. The sheet that had been fully covering me was softy folded down until my hips and only covered from my behind down. I heard the sounds of cream being dispensed and hands rubbing together and then I felt the
warm wet hands descend on my back. I shuttered softly not realizing how sensitive my body would be to the touch of someone else. I heard myself slowly moan before I even could stop it. I tried not to make too many sounds my self but Nancy seemed unaffected by it as she slowly worked on my upper back and shoulders.

Close-up of a back massage.  White background.

I felt a little tickly in between and moved as her hands worked around my back. I could feel her take her thumbs and trace away from my spine in just the right pressure that felt both enjoyable, painful and soothing all at the same time. I kept moving as she moved her hands magically around.
She asked me “Sir, is this your first time massage?”
I wondered, how did she know? “Yes” I answered.
“You need to remain still and in a relaxed position, you seem very stressed”
“I’ll try” I said and she continued

Nancy was wearing a white t shirt and shorts, not exactly how I pictured it when I first started thinking about it (minus the shorts and just a long t shirt…everyone was to be in a relaxed state, so why not the masseuse too right?) I was going to make every effort to enjoy this and let Nancy do her job. She continued to work her way around my back in such a way I couldn’t even figure out exactly how she moved how she did. It felt as if there were five hands touching my back
instead of two. I melted into the table and felt the comfort and relaxation starting to finally set in as I nearly fell asleep under her amazing finger tips. She worked her way down my back resting her hands at the top of my ass, caressing it ever so gently…she certainly knew her way around the ass. I could feel Nancy’s hands tense at times when she got lower, however at times I felt she was more enjoying me than the job on hand. I did have a great ass after all 🙂

As I was found lost in my own thoughts once again she spoke “turn over”. I was a little hesitant to do so as she might notice that Jr just woke up. I turned over. I really couldn’t explain much as she smiled and said “Sir, you need to relax”

…like relaxing was so easy with the hot masseuse massaging me. Her words didn’t make much of a difference as the situation remained the same, she continued her massage. Talk of an erection at the wrong time. After a few minutes she was done, handed me a towel and showed me the way to the steam bath. My hour was almost up…

I was out in 15 minutes, fully dressed and with a sheepish smile I walked out towards the reception to make the payment where Nancy and Melissa were giggling about something..maybe a private joke. OMG! Was it about me?

“Sir, I hope you enjoyed your massage”
“Yes, thank you”
(taking out cash to pay)
“Sir, your bill has already been paid by Mr Rohan”
“Oh Yes, I forgot”
“Thank you Sir, would you like me to fix your next appointment for next week?”
“Ummm, yeah..ok..maybe”
“Would you like the same masseuse?”
(smiling) Well, I don’t know…okay..or anyone else is not a problem.
“Yes Sir”
“Please give me your card, I’ll call and fix the next appointment, I’ll need to check my schedule”
“Okay. Have a good day Sir”

Reaching the office:

Picks up the receiver and presses numbers
*ringing* ..after one ring
“Thank You for calling Macy’s Massage Comfort, this is Melissa how may I help you”
“Hi, This is Roy, can I fix an appointment for…”

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