The Massage – Fixing d Appointment

Takes his cell phone out of the pocket and starts pressing numbers
*ringing* ..after one ring
ddd“Thank U for calling Macy’s Massage Comfort, this is Melissa how may I help you?”
“Yes Sir, May I know who is calling”
“Do you do massages for men?”
“Yes Sir, we do massages for men and women, Can I have your name please”
*call disconnected*

…and this went on for two whole weeks, he would call but not be able to ask for further details. He knew who could help him, he quickly shot a whatsapp message to Rohan “dude, need to meet u..urgent. D.T.S at 5. C u there..”

At Dolly’s Tea Shop, 5.05pm

Signalling the waiter for 2 cups of adrak wali chai (ginger tea)
“dude, wassup? Had a fight with Priyanka again?”
“Priyanka? no, this is not about her.
“oh good. At least i’ll get to hear something new, so what else”
“I want a massage”
(sipping his tea) okay, so you want me to…?
(taking a slip out from his shirt pocket) Macy’s Massage parlour..
“Ah yes! Very good choice, heard its unisex”
“Yes, the girl said on the phone, can you please call and help me out for an appointment…you know it’s my first time
“Okay, you do understand its JUST a massage ryt”
“I know but I have never done one before”
“Let me do one thing, I’ll fix an appointment for you on Saturday. My advance gift for your birthday”
“Thanks dude…but can you call now?”

Rohan returns after 10 minutes.
“Done, Saturday 3pm. Appointment Fixed, you’ll have a female masseuse, duration 1 hour including a steam bath”
“Awesome, one question…do I wear underwear?”
“Dude! Like seriously?”
“I gotta go, anyways…all the best”

Feeling a sense of accomplishment on my first ever massage appointment, I was a little worried about getting naked and being touched by a woman
I said to myself, it’s gonna be fine..I know its going to be great, my first massage…woohooo!

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