largeThe moment that you and that girl are so close to each other that you can feel the breath of the other. You know you are very close to that awesome kiss, and the longer it takes for the lips to touch the more intense the kiss will turn out to be.
Oh yeah! Been there..done that!

So how do you know?

I must begin by saying by no means am I a kissing expert not even close to it. Sometimes you just have to let the moment guide you. The next few lines is purely based upon experience and probably a little research from reading, watching (on television) and browsing through the internet.

Guess the ‘Lead up to the kiss’ is the most important, trying to figure out if your partner is ready to kiss you or not. A whole complex ball game 😉 Mostly, the signs are out there but then some aren’t very good with picking up signs so…

If you see one or more of these things happening, there is a good chance that ‘the kiss will happen’

-> the eyes will begin to talk,the eyes will soften -> eye contact is made and sustained -> lips are licked or bitten -> some phsical contact will be made-casual touches, such as brushing of the hand or touches you on the shoulder or becomes very fidgety.

-> Listen to her voice as well. If it dips in tone and becomes slightly breathy the lady is inviting you into her personal space

…and if you can pick up on these clues, she’d probably need to know that you are ready too

-> smile often -> make eye contact and let is stay a little longer than normal -> find ways to reciprocate the touch

If you’re still confused..I guess there’s no harm in asking if a kiss would be alright, a total mood breaker…but then it’s always better to be sure than heading down the wrong road. That could be very embarassing.

A kiss is the first opportunity to physically connect with another, so you want to meet him/her halfway.

1. Placement of hands on your partner’s body. This would again depend on comfort levels. Face, the back of the neck or the shoulders are go-to places normally.

2. Establish and maintain eye contact from this point on. The eyes are clear indications if someone wants to be kissed or is thinking about kissing you. Let your eyes do the talking to send messages on how you feel for the one you’re kissing.

3. As you lean in, you may want to tilt your body and head to accommodate your partner’s positioning. Avoid a nose collision 🙂

4. Gauge how quickly your partner is leaning in and try to meet at the halfway point between you, so neither person is overextended.

If you have come this far with your partner chances are you are going to kiss.

Sometimes people get so stressed about kissing that it doesn’t come out ryt…so being yourself and staying relaxed is key to a great kiss. Though we live in India, our favourite is the french kiss. I wonder if french people have tried the Indian kiss. What is the Indian kiss anyways?

…and yes you would want to Keep It Short Stupid and not go on n on n on. People have other things to do too u see, though the kiss maybe one of the better things 🙂

Yesterday I watched the movie ‘Welcome Back‘, I heard John Abraham say ‘lipping’ in one of his dialogues, Is that the new word for kissing? Whatever name we give it, it still is something that will always be ranked right up there when we are with our significant other.

Some have it very early, some like to wait, others like to have it special…and for those who haven’t had it as yet, THIS IS reading material FOR YOU!

Happy Lipping 😉 I had my first in the car, with a girl who was having her first too…so a happy couple of kissing-virgins 😉

Below a video from an upcoming bollywood flick Katti Batti. The name of the song is Lip to Lip. Watch, Listen and Enjoy!!


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