M for Marriage

m-is-for-marriageWhat is with marriage and all the hype in finding your partner that gets people excited? Everyone seems to know why I am still single..to put it in the question form.. When are you getting married? From my barber to the baker and the local vegetable seller, they all wanna know…why not yet…and when is it eventually gonna happen. Of course I have no answer for both. I mean how can I give them an answer when I myself don’t know.

For starters there is no girl around I have been going out with, and for the girls that I liked/loved at some point of time are either already married, lesbians, man haters or just-wanna-concentrate-on-the-career girls/women ..

O’ wait there was one more in Kolkata..she was well, I’ll call her…a sex addict, she wanted to talk it, do it..like all-the-time. It didn’t help her cause that she was far away from Goa..and before she decided to fly down, I decided to break it off. There is only so much pressure a guy can take. That surely could not have been love, raging hormones.. surely!

So that’s been the story so far…I’m in my early 30’s, certainly no need to press the panic button. My parents are pretty cool about it, at least that’s what they portray on the outside. The time that I was in a relationship with this really sweet goan girl was again something which took off from day 1 and came to a screeching halt 1 year, 1 month later. If I were to compare it to cricket, It was like an evenly played test match by both teams on a flat deck, had all the makings of a perfect finish yet it ended in a tame draw. It promised sooooo much more… if she was reading this, I don’ think she’d quite appreciate the comparison, she hated cricket..I think she still does 😉 and I would partly be a reason for it..I miss her so much at times 😉


Interested parties who are very keen on knowing my marriage status:

(1) My barber, he’s been cutting my hair for ages now…from the father to the son. I know the family, so he takes it upon himself to lecture me (every time) on why marriage is so important and on why I should get married.. faster the better…lol

(2) The baker, he’s got a more fatherly approach to the whole scenario. Though he doesn’t get much time to talk, parceling the bread and paying for it takes hardly less than 3 minutes…but then the couple of minutes he gets in between, he does like to share wisdom on the subject. I am a good listener…so he finds the right company, somebody who will listen to him.

(3) The vegetable vendor, you must be wondering why the vegetable vendor. When I was small I used to go with mom shopping and all these vendors know me (as the saree lady’s son) and over the years have seen me grow into this marriageable-age-man now, so yeah they are concerned too.

It’s a little irritating, but then it also feels good that people actually care and are looking to help you..in this case, it would be with some pretty un-married girl who is looking for a husband. So, I don’t really hit back when they talk about the ‘M’ word which has become a common occurrence these days.

Not forgetting mum and dad’s friends, relatives and neighbors. Here of course I have an answer which doesn’t satisfy them, but at least keeps them quiet for sometime until they decide to ask again “You’ll get an Invitation” is my answer. Now I am a little worried coz I have told so many people about them getting invitations, that when I finally do get married…and I don’t invite them, I am gonna be asked

“When did you get married? You did not invite us”… O’ yes there are people who tell me stuff directly to my face. By that time I would have surely thought of another answer. I already have one ready “It was a private function, only family”

I am a one woman man, so to find that ‘one’ woman, it might take some time because I certainly intend spending the rest of my life with her…until death. I thought I had found that woman (she was a girl then 🙂 ) let’s see if life gives me and us that second chance

Till Death do us Part 🙂

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  1. Hope you get to experience the M Thing soon!! 😉
    Well I had always wondered n still do …ain’t it tough to live life without that ‘significant ‘ boy or girl in your life …I mean ain’t break ups tough?
    Hope I never experience it lol , 🙈
    Best of luck for your future!

    1. I would still believe I have some way to go before the ‘M’ thing happens…its tough being single..but then then the grass is always green the other side..isn’t it?

      1. Ryt hahaha! Have a safe journey 😉

    2. I put up this as my status on facebook a few days ago :-

      People say marriage brings spice, tears, happiness, flavor and taste of life
      but then panipuri does the same job at a cheaper cost!!
      Guess I’ll stick to sharing my panipuri with her for some more time

      1. Hahahaha that’s a great one! I guess I’ll try that with my frnds who are facing the same dilemma currently 😉 :v

        1. I’m sure they’ll appreciate it 😊

          1. 😊😊😊 wait! Kishmish lasso peda…omg!! People use that? lol

          2. idk…well they do use kishmish so i guess ladoo peda aint far :3 ….well watever its too mushy!

          3. Mhhmm yes …they’re lovely !! No doubt abt it *giggle*

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