Night’s never a good time..

5326448683_bigstock_Insomnia_131614702_xlarge…to sleep surely, no better time. For me, its just the time when these different thoughts cloud my mind..and then I don’t get sleep, I’m tossin’ n turnin’. Today night (right now) is a perfect example, its around 1.20 a.m IST and normally at this time I’d be fast asleep..but not today and I don’t know why.

I hate these moments, so I am up typing out a blog post about it. I can’t do much else, switching on the television will disturb everyone else, with music there are too many memories attached to NO. I tried standing in my veranda looking up at the stars but then I got I find myself in front of my computer screen typing.

Night time… I’ve done some crazy things..I’ve sent out sms’s/msgs to friends, probably half in my sleep confessing stuff I wouldn’t do wide awake..they’d tell me the next day;

“so you sent me a msg last night” l_sleep_text1200

..aaahhh! U know I had a dream last night that I did and she’d say u really sent me a msg and flash it in front of me. OMG! I really did..and she’d smile. It was one of those cute messages 🙂 that was one instance.

Another instance was, I wrote a whole email to her confessing ever little feeling I had for her, something again I would have never done on any day wide awake. Just an example of my heart working overtime and my mind well..I have no idea where it wanders at those hours.

I don’t know if you’ve realized but both instances, it was the same girl involved, clearly..she was someone I really liked a lot. There were other times that I’ve had real heart to heart talks over the phone and sometimes in person right into the wee hours of the morning and for some reason..every single time you would find that it is the real Savio who had turned up for that conversation.

..and there are times when I sleep, by that I mean, fast asleep, peacefully..DO NOT attempt to wake me up. It’s probably one of the worst things you could do, I turn into this real aggressive person that you would not want to see 😉



I think I might want to try catching up on some sleep now..maybe writing this has helped tiring me out a little more.. if not, I’ll be back to type more 🙂


I saw this on the internet. Who would be dreaming about me tonight? Can’t she dream of me in the morning at least..?

4 Replies to “Night’s never a good time..”

  1. I know what you mean. My brain decides to evaluate my entire life at 3 am, every single time.
    Your girl sounds special! 😉 It’s nice to text something without overthinking it to someone you like. I take about an hour to reply to my crushes, and I’ll end up with “Hi to you too!” :$

    1. oh no! she isn’t my girl… no no.. 😉

    2. and yeah just for the record.. I finally slept at 4..not really slept..but yeah!

  2. haha!! I know these tossing and turning !!!God what a pain!!and with you, writing a post!Trust me, I have done it but I never have actually published any, reminiscence:)good read, keep blogging, awake or asleep;)Oh yeah, hope you get that girl:)

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