We all fart..some do it more discretely that others. Some don’t mind being loud, its after all very natural to let out gas. Its not about how loud or long it is, it gets problematic when its a lottle (a little but a lot) smelly.11024709_10152801883883315_6624970582745472344_n

Have you ever found yourself in a situation; You’re travelling by train…its night time, you’ve eaten your food and its time to sleep. The lights are switched off in the A/c compartment and suddenly out of nowhere someone lets one rip, its audible and its smelly. Everyone is suddenly gasping for fresh-air.

This of course happened on one of my trips by train. My friend and myself obviously could not control our laughter after the mini explosion, as we headed out of the compartment near the door to laugh our asses out and breathe in a little fresh air too.
We were later joined by a young girl, who was laughing uncontrollably. She told us that she knew who did it and would point out to us who the passenger was. We were like..’no its okay’ and continued laughing, now the three of us. And we were supposed to be the ‘adults’ 🙂

Everybody passes gas; people are simply made that way. So I guess next time, I’ll try to be more serious about the whole situation, at least not laugh 😉

What do we need to do so we don’t Fart?

* Avoid beans
* Drinking milk…oh yes! Milk makes you fart…big time!
* Onions..another big no! no!
* Eating contaminated food or drinking contaminated water (that’s why we need to carry our own food and water while travelling)

These are only some..of course it might not apply to everybody, varies from person to person

…and yes if you feel a fart is coming your way, go somewhere where many people wouldn’t be affected by it. Or better still…fart into the open air, that way before it reaches people’s noses, the smell would have mixed up with the air and the effect would not be as harmful..to other people 😉 and always remember NEVER HOLD YOUR FART IN


This post is smell-proofed 🙂 🙂

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  1. i love the thoughts and the way you pulled them off, great job!😉 from being funny to informative to a reasonable advice, love it! little things we take for granted but if we’ll take a closer look we’ll be surprised how it really makes sense.😊👍

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